Africa News Video/photo: Female Pastor Who Exposes Her ‘Oranges’ While Preaching


LaTascha Emanuel, a-former-stripper-turned-minister is seen exposing her chest while she ministers through the camera. Learn to forgive anyone who Offends you most importantly learn to forgive yourself  She Quoties Luke 6:38, pastor Latasha is a sight to behold as she has her boobs all out. Is she kidding? See the video below:

It is heartrending to make public the nude picture of the purported pastor Latasha Emmanuel. Whatever explanation she gave which made her to do so wont surfice to display such nude picture image to the general public side by side the word of GOD. In every way and manner, Latasha Emmanuel’s nude picture while holding the Holy Bible and preaching about the Bible is a deliberate and huge desecration of God’s Holy words and a mockery of the activities of the lIGHT. Activities of The Light and the activities of darkness cannot be mixed up or reconciled irresponsibly as Latasha Emmanuel has shown. Whoever that wants to be a Christian please, should not allow himself or herself to be misled no matter the explanation that is given in any case anywhere in the world. Nobody can use Pornography to preach the word of God. Nudity, halve or full, is pornography. We should avoid Pornography. God loves you, Amen.

Kenneth Orgwu


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