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The Okoye brothers

Following the recent bad blood between the Okoye brothers which caused a frenzy in the media in recent weeks, the brothers finally made up openly, an announcement they made on their Instagram pages. Even though this is not the first time they have openly fallen out, this is the biggest one yet, as it led to Peter going as far as granting a tell-all interview. PAY ATTENTION: Get the latest gossips on Naij Gossip App This time, more of their fans, colleagues and friends of the brothers explored all avenues available to try to get them to resolve their issues and stay together. While most of their fans are glad that they have resolved their issues, others insist it was a publicity stunt, which Peter fueled by bringing it to the attention of the media through his famous social media rant. Here’s what some of the fans had to say: “They reconciled too fast if you ask me. Them never fix dem wahala and it’s only a matter of time before they come and disturb us again” “Hmmm we all think they have settle Right? But no its just a camouflage for we d fan.if truly they have Jude we still be d manager but no check peter Instagram pm u will see another manager name likewise paul and Jude no more psquare entertainment.” “U guys should just drop d album already biko…u don’t nid all dis” “Well I can’t be this gullible….😡😡 I knew all this was a hoax 👬👬 Boys will always be boys👬👬” While some were not impressed by their ‘sudden’ reconciliation, others were sympathetic towards the brothers: “The worst is to die in silence. I like that Peter spoke out, now the issues have been sorted justly and maturely. Quarrel amongst siblings and even spouses is very normal. He is a liar who says he has never disagreed with family. “We are all guilty- some of us have worse going on in our families. But for them, this is the price they pay for fame” “Next time you have family issues please keep it off social media” Hope it is for real this time.
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