Hmmmm…..asshhhh… yeahhhhh…. Commmonnnn….. She was saying gibberish and was moaning heavily. After a while I took her to the top of my table and I spread her legs apart. I bleeped her as if I was drilling crude oil in the swamps of Niger Delta. She was moaning and groaning together. After 5 mins we cummed together. She looked at me and said “Accountant, you are a bad boy”

I resumed in Possibility Chapel (CFL – Centre for Faith and Liberty) Idi – Ishin this year. My name is Mike and my friends call me Mickey Mouse. I grew up in a strict Holiness Home where anything called sex, relationship, etc. were forbidden. It was not until I got to OAU when I became “rebel” and a “Bleep addict”. I got the job of the Church Accountant through the influence of my friend that was a member of the church. The day of the interview was HOT because as a non-member I had to work extra hard to convince them that I was the qualified one for the job. The day I was called to resume, I went straight to the Senior Pastor (SP)

SP: Bro. Mike, I want to tell you that after we’ve reviewed the scores of applicants and we’ve seen that you are the most qualified on the list, I personally have to convince the church committee to consider you.

Me: thank you sir.

SP: but, there will be a condition which you must fulfil. And that is, you will no longer be attending your former church again.

Me: hmmm

After my service year, I had been a known person in my church. Early Morning Prayer, I will be there, rehearsals I will be there, band rehearsal, I will be there. In fact, everyone thought I was a church staff.

Me: I have heard you sir.

SP: (handed an envelope to me) this is your appointment letter. You are to resume on the 1st of next month which is 4 days from now.

Me: thank you sir. I really appreciate your gesture sir.

I left his office overjoyed. Partly because God has answered my prayers after spending about 5months at home after service and partly because I will no longer be the “supposed errand boy” in my church. I went to meet my pastor in my church and show him the letter.

My Pastor: Congrats Bro. Mike. I’m happy for you. But heavens know that if we’d had such opening here I wouldn’t have allowed you to go.

Me: yes I know sir. But more importantly, be praying for me sir.

My Pastor: Bro. Mike I will. But don’t forget our bi – monthly programme. I will not be happy if you wont come.

Me: Sir, I promise that I will not fail. I will be coming.

My Pastor: one more thing, be very careful. Most especially now that you are working in the church…..with money flowing around and women. I want you to be careful of women because………your success or failure there depends on how you were able to resist the temptation.

Me: I will try my best sir. Olorun a ma ran mi lowo sir (God will help me sir)

My Pastor: when are you going?

Me: Sunday the 1st of next month.

My Pastor: ok.

After my Pastor prayed for me, I left and went home. I broke the news to my parents which received the news with mixed feelings. But after I assured them, they later agreed to it and prayed for me also.

I resumed in the church the Sunday and the service was exhilarating. I wished that the service was extended. After the church, the Senior Pastor called me to his office. As soon as I got there, I met the Church Management Committee. After I was ushered to sit down the vice – chairman of the committee spoke up

Pastor Alowonle: Accountant you are welcome to this church. We heard that you are not a member of this church.

Me: yes sir.

Pastor Alowonle: so, I want you to know the rules before you start with us…… (He continues to reels out the rules) and also I want to ask; are you married?

Me: no sir.

Pastor Alowonle: Senior Pastor, I suggest we look for a married person to head the accounts section of the church. i…….

Senior Pastor: (cuts in) I have called his pastor. And he had given me positive reviews about him. So I can’t doubt the veracity of such a person.
Pastor Alowonle: ok Pastor; I want to be very sure.

Then a woman in their midst spoke up

Mrs Adedokun: Bro. Mike, where do you stay presently?

Me: I live in Ijebu – Ode presently but Kolade Johnson is my friend.

Mrs Adedokun: which Kolade?

Pastor Alowonle: Kolade the keyboardist.

Mrs Adedokun: okay. That’s good. What about your fiancée?

Me: she is currently doing her youth service in Kogi State

Mrs Adedokun: no problem. I wish you a fruitful stay here in this church.

Me: thank you ma.

After the formalities, I was excused from the meeting but as soon as the meeting was ended, Pastor Alowonle took me to my office. It was a single room with a complete system and all padded up. I went into the room knelt down and prayed. After some minutes, as I was settling down I got a call on my phone

Caller: Mike, how are you?

Me: I’m fine. Please who is at the other end?

Caller: this is blessing.

Me: Blessing…… oh my goodness, Blessing!!!

When I was in 300Level and we’re on holiday, I met Blessing at the café. We almost fought that day because the café attendant wanted to favour her by allocating a system to her. We exchanged words in the café and she threatened to deal with me. Some days later, it was raining and I was driving home from the church. I saw a lady drenched in the rain but when I parked beside her to help the lady, I saw it was Blessing. After picking her to her place we became friends. One fateful day, I went to her house to see her and after exchanging the necessary pleasantries she decide to offer me cold drink. I was discussing with her when her mum came into the living room

Mummy Blessing: Omo mi, it had been long I’ve seen you. How is your mum and how is everyone?
Me: we’re all fine. Hope you are hearing from Daddy?

Mummy Blessing: He’s fine. (turning to Blessing) I am on my way out. Take care of yourself and ensure that supper is ready. Omo mi, I am going out.

Blessing’s father is a Captain at Maersk Lines. He always comes home three times in a year. And her younger brother is in Boarding School.

As soon as her mum left, she locked the door and faced me

Blessing: what did you bring for me?

Me: cane to thrash your a$$ and…….

Blessing: Mike, don’t let me start with you today.

She went to the kitchen to complete what she’s cooking. I didn’t know when I slept off. I was awoken with the aroma of catfish pepper soup. We ate it together and after we finished, she went to the kitchen to tidy up. The place was silent for a while when I heard crashing sounds coming from the kitchen. As soon I rushed in, I saw all the pots on the floor in disarray.

Me: so this is what you have been doing since abi?

Blessing: what is this one saying?

Instead of me answering her, I held her by her waist. As soon as she felt my touch

Blessing: Mr man, let me go and lock up the door.

Before she could come back to the house, I have tidied up the kitchen and I have returned to the sitting room. When she entered, she locked the door and came straight to sit on my legs.

Me: am I your husband that you are sitting on my legs?

Blessing: (sneers) e pele Mr Lover Boy. How is my rival?

Me: she’s fine.

Instead of talking further, she started using her fingers to tickle me on the head. I did the same by using my fingers to tickle her ni33les and a soft moan escaped from her mouth. Before I could say Jack, she’d removed her top showing a pair of succulent b^^bs. I sucked those oranges like there will be no tomorrow. When I slid my finger to her pu33y, the stench that came out can be best compared to the combination of water used in washing fish mixed with water used to wash ponmo and left for some days. As I wanted to stop then a call came to my phone calling for my urgent attention. The speed that I used in bolting out of her house even Usain Bolt can’t match the speed. Ever since then I always post her till the time her family relocated to Port Harcourt.
(present time)

Me: Blessing how are you?

Blessing: I am fine but “oloshe ni e” (you bleeped up)

Me: you relocated to Port Harcourt and sooner you left, I had to flash my phone.

Blessing: ok I have heard you. How is everybody in Ijebu – Ode?

Me: everyone is fine. But I’m now in Ibadan presently.

Blessing: what??? What are you doing in Ibadan?

Me: I got a job in Possibilities Chapel. That popular church next street to Akinjide’s house.

Blessing: hmm Pastor Mickey Mouse……

Me: yesss….. God bless you….

Blessing: I was scrolling to call someone when I stumbled on your phone number. Well it is nice to hear your voice.

Me: it is good sha. How is your husband?

Blessing: he’s fine. But how did you know that I’m married?

Me: God works in mysterious ways.

Blessing: anyway, I am also in Ibadan. And I live at Ologuneru.

Me: good to hear that. At least we will continue what we didn’t finish.

Blessing: if my husband catches you eh…..Mike, I will call you later.

Me: ok I will store your number. Ttyl….. (ends call)

Few days after I resumed, someone came to knock on my office door

Me: please come in
When the person entered, I was stunned because I was seeing someone who can perfectly match the description of Venus Williams and had the voice of Maria Sharapova. My uncle Joe was nodding in appreciation for the endowed woman I was seeing. She wore an above-the-knee skirt, and an extra – fitting shirt with a waist – coat. Where I was seated I was already drooling in my pants because the lady looked fcukable.
Me: good afternoon. How may I help you

The person: good day sir. My name is Helen Ogabi. I am the Account Officer for all the accounts the Church is maintaining. And ……….

As she was talking, I was no longer concentrating. I was imagining how I will take her b^^bs, suck them and squeeze her a$$ with precision and speed and how I will Bleep her brains out. She had to hit the table twice before I could come back to my senses.

Helen: I observed that you were not concentrating when I was talking.

Me: I am sorry (in my mind – walahi this is a fcukable person) it was just that I was thinking on how to go on a particular assignment. (I lied)

She looked at me to my eyeball and smiled

Helen: The way you are looking, I’m suspecting you but here is my card (handed her card to me) my contact is right there.

I did as if I wanted to collect the card from her but I grabbed her hand instead. I looked into her eyes and winked at her.

Helen: please what is your name?

Me: my name is Mike.

Helen: ok. Pastor Mike. Can I have your contact?

I gave her my contact with the speed of light. When she was about leaving a call entered my phone. It was my fiancée.

Titilayo: my baby

Me: Iyawo re. How are you? (I beckoned to Helen to wait)

Titilayo: I’m fine. How is work?

Me: work is going on great. How is Lokoja?

Titilayo: Lokoja is fine. Just that Temitemi and Mogidi fought over eba yesterday

Me: (laughs) na wa for your hall mates. Please let me call you in the next 5 minutes

Titilayo: ok I will be expecting your call. (call ends)

Helen: lover boy……..i go love ooo

Me: hmmmm….. If you say so.

Helen: I will call you this evening.

Me: ok my Ladyship majesty.

When Helen left, a part of me says that I should be careful with her; another part of me was saying that since Titilayo is not around, I should be able to score some points with her. After a while the intercom buzzed

Me: hello sir

Receptionist: Sir, someone wants to see you

Me: who is that person?

Receptionist: the person is already on her way

Me: ok.

I heard a knock on my door and when I opened the door, I saw Mrs Adedokun. I ushered her in.

Mrs Adedokun: Good morning Accountant

Me: good morning ma. I am surprised seeing you this morning.

Mrs Adedokun: I came to see the Senior Pastor, so I decided to check on you.

Me: thank you ma.

Mrs Adedokun: you’re welcome. But I want to ask; hope you are enjoying your stay with Kolade?

Me: sure

Mrs Adedokun: ok….. I want to tell you that I have a spare apartment in my compound so that you can come and stay with us.

Me: hmmmm. Ma, you will have to give me some days to think about it.

Mrs Adedokun: ok dear. but I want to ask; how is your fiancée?

Me: she’s fine.

Mrs Adedokun: where is she?

Me: Lokoja

Mrs Adedokun: ok o. when the last accountant left, I was the one in charge of the accounts section of the church. I hope you won’t siphon God’s money

Me: no ma.

Mrs Adedokun: I want to take my leave. I should be expecting feedback from you on Sunday.

As soon as she left I called Kolade

Kolade: Baba Olowo

Me: you no well. Mrs Adedokun came to my office some minutes ago and she offered to give me an apartment in her compound.

Kolade: haaa!!!!! No take am o!!!! she will use it to monitor you and she is a “monitoring spirit”

Me: what happened?

Kolade: when I joined the church, I was staying at the apartment she gave. I was doing a gentle/nice guy but I didn’t know that she was a thorn in the flesh. It even caused a rift between Nike and I then. She has about 4 grown up girls and every one of them is a snob. Although she’s nice but it will be better if a married person lives with her.

Me: ok…… but you stay in a room self – contain and I’m squatting with you. When we get home, we’ll talk.

Kolade: ok sir.

When I got home in the evening, I saw Nike sitting on the chair. After exchanging pleasantries, I took a pair of shirt and took my toothbrush, and left the house. I returned back to the office and slept there. By 9.30pm I got a call from Kolade
Kolade: why did you leave the house?

Me: I saw Nike in the house and I don’t wanna disturb both of you that’s why I returned back to the office.

Kolade: o ga fun e (Na wa for you) though I’m sorry she came in unannounced.

Me: No problem. We’ll see tomorrow in the church.

As soon as I end the call, I called Mrs Adedokun

Me: Good evening ma.

Mrs Adedokun: Accountant bawo ni?

Me: I am fine ma. Please I am sorry for calling you at this time.

Mrs Adedokun: no wahala

Me: about what you told me, I have accepted your offer ma.

Mrs Adedokun: I’ll send you my address so that you will come and see the place tomorrow.

Me: ok ma. I’m very grateful. Good night ma.

Mrs Adedokun: Good night dear. (ends call)

The following morning, I went to her house at Ile – Tuntun along Gbekuba road. When I got there, I knew there is money in this country. After inspecting the apartment, I called Kolade to inform him. I returned back to the office and I met the cleaner

Mercy: Accountant, I’ve been waiting for you to clean your office.

Me: I’m sorry. I went somewhere.

Mercy: ok. Let me clean your office

I observed that she was wearing a tight fitted jean skirt and an armless top. She has all the killer assets (boob33 and a$$) and a pouty lips that’s good for “mouth – action” as she entered my office and swayed her a$$, I warned her

Me: mercy, don’t let me misfire this morning…….

The day I resumed in the church, she was the one who welcomed me. No longer I settled in my office, that she came to meet me and downloaded all what I need to know and what I didn’t want to know. But ever since then, she’d wanted to move closer to me.
(recent time)

I entered my office and grabbed her a$$…..

Mercy: Accountant, if Pastor catches you don’t blame me or the devil.

Me: (whispers to her ears) I wanna Bleep you…

Mercy: (laughs) if my husband catches you eh>>>ok (whispers back) will you come to my house?

Me: (loudly) surely.

Mercy: let me clean your office and go. I will text my address to you and we’ll meet.

Me: ok

She hurriedly cleaned the office and sneaked out of the church building. I postponed all engagements I had for the rest of the day and I went to Mercy’s house at Benjamin Area after gotten the text. When I got there, I saw she was living in a modest building and she was living alone. She ushered me in and entertained me. When I was viewing her album, she came to sit beside me and rested her back on my chest.

Me: Mercy, what do you want from me?

Mercy: Accountant, I want you.

Me: but I told you that I’m engaged to someone

Mercy: yes you told me. But anytime I see you in the church, I see your gentle disposition towards people most especially towards me and I feel like having you in me

Me: what about you? Don’t you have a boyfriend?

Mercy: I have. But he resides and works in Badagry.

Me: hmmmm

I started playing with her hair. But what I observed is that the more I played with her hair, the more her defences give way. I asked her a question

Me: Mercy, is it okay for me to live with Mrs Adedokun?

Mercy: (facing me) hmmm. I dunno because she is nice but I can’t say about the children.

Me: what I heard is that the woman will turn that person to a boy – boy. Is it true?

Mercy: I can’t say. I just know her from a distance.

I placed a kiss on her lips. She attacked my lips and sucked them like suction pump. I responded by kissing her. She removed my shirt and started playing with my nippl3s. Then she went to my Tips and started sucking it and used one of her hands to finger Bleep herself. She went straight to my trousers, removed it and freed my c^ck. As soon as she saw it she gasped.

Me: why are you shocked?

Mercy: eru lo wa nibiyi (you are endowed)

She started rubbing the cap of the c^ck and was stroking it. I was swooning because that was my most sensitive part. She took the whole c^ck to her mouth and started sucking it. Then she removed her dress and was stark UNCLAD. Her pu33y was well shaven and I loved it. I wanted to suck her but she declined. She laid beside me and I spooned her from behind. I could not enter her fully because she was very tight. We rocked together for a while and she wanted to come to ride me. But when she saw the fully erect c^ck she was scared

Mercy: Mike, this your pipe can burst my womb o. I can’t ride on this.

She went on fours and I entered from behind. I pummelled her from behind and she was scattering her hairs and was heavily moaning. I felt her muscles contracted and she fell on the bed exhausted. I removed my c^ck and I entered her missionary way. I Bleep her as if a car that has lost its brake. She climaxed about 3 more times as I wanted to cum, I removed my c^ck from her and cummed on her belly. I lay beside her exhausted but not satisfied. She was very exhausted to the extent that she just lay sprawled on the bed.

Mercy: (faintly) Mike, do you want to kill me?

Me: (smiled) you are the one that wanted to uproot a palm tree that has spent years

Mercy: you bleeped me like I have never bleeped before.

After some minutes, we went to the kitchen to cook and after we ate, I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I finished preparing, she came to meet me
Mercy: promise me that you will not leave me.

Me: mercy I can’t promise you that.

Mercy: but why?

Me: you have a guy and I have a lady too and it won’t be nice if we date each other.

Mercy: but when I need your c^ck, (caressing it) I will come for it.

Me: hehehehehehehehe

After spending few minutes with her I quickly rushed to the office. When I checked my phone I saw 37 missed calls and 4 SMS. I noticed that a particular number called me about 32 times and the Senior Pastor called me 5 times. I quickly called the Senior Pastor back

SP: where have you been all this while?

Me: (lying) I was sleeping when you called me sir.

SP: quickly come to the office. I want the report for the last week.

Me: I am on the way sir.

As soon as I got to office, I went to submit the report in the Senior Pastor’s office.

SP: Accountant, we don’t just leave the office the way you left.

Me: I am sorry sir.

SP: Accountant it is alright. Someone has been waiting for you for the past 3 hours. She went out briefly but will be back very soon.

Me: ok sir. I will be in my office.

When I got to my office, I got an SMS from Mercy “I feel like bleeping you now” I smiled and deleted the message. No longer I sat Helen called

Helen: Accountant, where on earth did you keep your phone? I have been calling you.

Me: I went home to sleep.

Helen: are you in the office now?

Me: yes

Few minutes later she came in

Helen: I have been waiting for you since ages and I was trying your number.

Me: I am sorry. But is that your number? Because I don’t have that line.

Helen: that’s my second line….

As she was talking, a call came in it was Titilayo

Me: (putting the phone on loudspeaker) Ife how are you?

Titilayo: Mike I am fine o. and how is work?

Me: work is fine. Just that I slept in the office yesterday night

Titilayo: Kilode? (Why?)

Me: Kolade’s fiancée came yesterday night unannounced

Titilayo: eeyah. I am sorry. I will send 50k to you next week

Me: for what?

Titilayo: to get a room around that place.

Me: I don’t need the money because a church member has decided to give me an apartment in her compound.

Titilayo: okay. But, I will still send it

Me: ma fi owo yen je obe ata ati eja odo (I will finish it on pepper – soup and fresh cat – fish)

Titilayo: (laughing) Mike……you no well. If you like finish it on pepper – soup. I know that I will collect it back when I’m through with NYSC.

Me: ok o madam. Ttyl

Titilayo: why do you want to end the call?

Me: the Church Account officer is with me in the office and…..

Titilayo: (purred) just that I missed your c^ck and I wanted you to flirt with me on the phone.

Me: we will chat later. Love ya.

Titilayo: love you too.

As soon as the call was ended, Helen said
Helen: so you are this bad

Me: am I bad? I am just a gentle man to the core.

Helen: for your fiancée to have missed your c^ck, means it is as sweet as honey

Me: thou shalt not covet thy neighbour……..

We both laughed together and we had a short meeting. But before she left, she was begging me to come to her house. After much persuasion, I accepted the offer. When she was about leaving, I sneaked behind Helen and squeezed her b^^bs. A slight moan escaped from her mouth

Helen: Accountant, don’t let us start what we won’t be able to finish.

Me: I dare you. (squeezing her nippl£s)

Helen: will you be available this evening.

Me: no. I am going to inspect my new apartment today.

She turned back, gave me a quick kiss and left my office.

(few days later)

I moved into Mrs Adedokun compound but what I observed was that the place was quiet. When I was settling in the apartment she gave me I heard a knock

Me: come in.

When the person came in, she looked at me from up to down. I greeted her but she kept mute. After a while,

Stranger: (sarcastically) are you the Accountant that mummy discussed with us?

Me: I am the one.

Stranger: ok. But I hope that you don’t entertain visitors because we don’t accept visitors here.

Me: (I don enter am) I don’t have visitors.

One thing I observe was that the person looks slightly different from Mrs Adedokun she is slim and a bit tall; no assets at all.

Stranger: Accountant, I will come and see you later.

Me: ok. (she exits)

I quickly called Kolade to intimate him about what transpired. When I described the person to him

Kolade: ah!!!!! Osama bin Laden inu ile yen niyen o (That’s the principality and power in the house)

Me: I don enter am.

Kolade: she’s so saucy and she downgrades people easily.

Me: iru awon yen a mo b’a tin deal pelu won (We know how to deal with such person)

Kolade: just be careful. That girl might frustrate the living daylight outta you.

Me: I will.

I made a decision to always get home late and always stay in my apartment.

By 8.30pm I was sent for by Mrs Adedokun. Not long when I settled down she entered the parlour. After exchanging pleasantries

Mrs Adedokun: Accountant how has been your day?

Me: it was fine ma.

Mrs Adedokun: hope you find your new place okay?

Me: the place is really great ma. Thanks

Mrs Adedokun: I want you to meet my people. (she calls everyone) Accountant, I want you to meet Debbie, Dolapo, Segun and Ifeoma my sister. I realised that the tall slim girl was the one called Ifeoma. Everyone of them greeted me well except Ifeoma which greeted me casually. Before the children left the parlour a call came to my phone. It was Titilayo

Me: Baby, how are you today?

Titilayo: o ga fun e. you didn’t call me since morning and even all my chats you didn’t respond to any of them.

Me: Angel, ma binu si mi (don’t be angry at me) I was moving my things into the new apartment and (I suddenly realizes I was in the front of Mrs Adedokun) please let me call you later.

Titilayo: you are with those girls abi?

Me: no. I am in the front of Mrs Adedokun which gave me the apartment.

Titilayo: no probs. I will call you in the next thirty minutes

Me: love ya

Titilayo: love you too (ends call)

Ifeoma hissed and mumbled some words in igbo and left us. I turned to Mrs Adedokun

Me: pls I am very sorry for picking the call in your presence.

Mrs Adedokun: no probs. You were speaking with your fiancée.

Me: yes ma.

After giving me the rules and regulations for the house, I left for my apartment. I ensured that I always close very late from work and anytime it is weekend, I spend it either at Kolade place or stay indoors.

Few weeks after, I was returning from work one evening when I saw Ifeoma sitting at the parking shed reading a magazine. As I passed her, she called me back

Ifeoma: Accountant, you cannot greet person abi?

I stared at her with the look of “if you like jump into the lagoon for all I care” and walked inside. After some minutes, she came to my door and knocked it. As I opened the door and saw her

Me: how can I help you?

Ifeoma: what is wrong with you Accountant?
Me: nothing.

Ifeoma: why did you ignore me?

Me: ma’am I am really busy. You might have to come back later

She hissed and turned back. For my mind I was like “what will someone enjoy in this smoked panla fish” I closed my door and continued with the cooking I was doing.

The next day after devotion in the office, I heard a knock on my door

Me: come in

As soon as the person opened the door it was Ifeoma. I casually greeted her and turned to the computer

Ifeoma: can’t you tell me to sit down?

Me: (coldly) sit down.

After some minutes of silence, she spoke up

Ifeoma: I came to see the Senior Pastor in his office but I was told he is in a meeting with some other pastors

Me: yes

Ifeoma: so, I felt I should wait in your office for the duration when the meeting will be through.

Me: ok.

She wanted to initiate discussion with me but I didn’t give her the chance of talking so my office was silent all through the duration she was there except when calls came into her phone and my phone. After about 20 mins, I heard a knock on my door

Me: come in.

When the person came in it was Mercy.

Mercy: Accountant sorry for barging into your office. I thought you were alone and I want to keep company with you for some minutes.

Me: well, I have been busy a little. So what’s up?

Mercy: (ignoring Ifeoma seated) I am good. Just being lonely this days.

Me: o ga o. why didn’t you call your guy to come from Badagry, or you going there to see him?

Mercy: you know that it is not possible for me to go to Badagry. He only comes to shore every 5days and he will just sleep a night before he heads back to the waters the following morning.

Me: eeyah. I know how it feels (winked at her)

Mercy: you no well. Accountant, I am hungry.

Me: come and eat me…….

We heard a hiss and that was when I realized that Ifeoma was standing up to leave my office. After she left
Mercy: who is that okprokoropo fish

Me: na my landlady’s sister be that.

Mercy: so that’s the Ifeoma I have been hearing about. No wonder she is too pompous and saucy. I overheard when she was talking to the Receptionist some minutes ago.
Me: she don carry her saara pass Mosque

Mercy: everyone has been talking about her. I even heard that she is a graduate from ABTI – American University in Yola. She….

Me: even if she graduated from John Hopkins Research University who cares??? Abeg, your guy is hungry.

Mercy: (locking my office door) I have been craving your c^ck since that last time and I want to taste it. (coming towards my direction)

Me: ma koba mi (don’t implicate me). Don’t you know that we are in the office

As she was moving closer, the intercom buzzed

Me: hello sir

SP: please come to my office immediately.

Me: ok sir.
As soon as I ended the call, I turned to Mercy who is already standing in front of me. I squeezed her boob3 for some minutes. I had to wait for my c^ck to subside before going to SP office. When I got there, I saw Ifeoma seated.

SP: Accountant, prepare a cheque for the supply of 10 tons of cement in her name (pointing at her)

Me: ok sir. But she will have to wait till Sunday.

SP: why?

Me: one of the signatories had travelled and he wont return till Saturday night.

SP: ok. Just process the transaction.

On my way from his office I met Mercy on the way and she was giving me the “come and Bleep me” sign. As I was settling down in my office, Ifeoma entered

Ifeoma: Accountant, we need to talk when we get home.

Me: (indifferent) ok. Have a nice day.

When I got home in the night, I saw Ifeoma sitting in front of my apartment carrying a food flask. I smiled within myself because I knew she wanted to be acting all nice with me. She greeted me warmly

Ifeoma: Accountant, how has been your day?

Me: fine.

Ifeoma: why are you just coming?

Me: why do you want to know?

Ifeoma: ok. I am sorry. I want to see you.

Me: give me about 40minutes I will be ready.

Ifeoma: is it about preparing food? I have already done so for you

I looked at her like “what the Bleep???” I opened the door ushered her in and quickly went in to shower. When I was through, I came into the sitting room and sat opposite her.

Me: so, what do you want to tell me?
Ifeoma: Accountant, why d0 you always ignore me in this house?

Me: there’s an adage that says “ibi ti won ba fi elemo si ni nso” (I don’t go beyond my boundaries) I want to keep my boundaries and I observed that you are someone I should keep a distance with.

Ifeoma: please don’t do that. I thought since all guys are animals, you will not be different.

Me: it is okay. I will change towards you.

She came forward to where I sat. when I stood up, she gave me a hug

Ifeoma: thank you. But what is your name?

Me: I am Mike.

Ifeoma: ok mike. Hope you didn’t forget about the cheque.

Me: I wanted to “punish” you for your raunchy behaviour. But I will speed it up…….

She placed a kiss on my lips. I responded with intensity and urgency. After a while we broke from the kiss, she looked at me

Ifeoma: bad boy. So you are this starved

Me: Ifeoma, you no well.

As she turned, I playfully smacked her flat a$$. she responded by wriggling it.

Me: nothing dey there…

The following day Ifeoma was the first person to greet me on my way to the office. When I got there, I received a call from Titilayo

Me: my bae

Titilayo: Mike, you don’t call me lately these days or is it that those girls in that church are deceiving you?

Me: Bae, those girls wan scatter my medulla oblongata. If only you see the sizes and shapes……

Titilayo: dem wan die (she laughs) how are you loverboy?

Me: I am doing just fine.

Titilayo: good news mike. My visa has been approved.

Me: (sighs) I am happy for you. But ……

Titilayo: but what dear? Are you not happy for me?

Me: I am happy but I wished you will come to Ibadan immediately after your youth service.

Titilayo: where do you think I am speaking from? For your info, I am in Ibadan.

Me: what??? You got to IB and you didn’t tell me

Titilayo: meet me at my Aunt place.

Me: send me the address

Titilayo: I will (call ends)

As soon as I got the message I discovered that the place was where I was living . I called her immediately

Me: Titilayo, how are you related to Mrs Adedokun?

Titilayo: do you know her?

Me: she is the one I am living with.

Titilayo: that’s good. She is my Uncle’s wife. I just came in some minutes ago. So what should I prepare for you my husband?

Me: your pu33y.

Titilayo: ok will be waiting for you.

As soon as the call ends, I received an SMS from Ifeoma “I want to Bleep you tonite” when I read it I was shocked because both Titilayo and Ifeoma will be at home together; then I deleted it from my phone. I decided to close from the church late but not until I was having persistent calls from my bae, and Mrs Adedokun. When I got into the compound, I wanted to sneak to my apartment but Ifeoma was hiding at the shrubs. When I passed there, she grabbed my hands and pulled me in

Ifeoma: Mike why did you come late?
Me: nothing just that I’ve been busy

Ifeoma: please Bleep me. I’m Hot…



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