Me: I am too gentle to hurt a fly ma’am
Kafeeya: are you busy in the office?

Me: not really. But SP is in his office.

Kafeeya: eeyah. I’d wanted to send you the address of where you will locate me.

Me: send it. Even if I won’t come now, I will definitely come later.

Kafeeya: It is important that I see you.

Me: ok….. let me see what I can do.

As soon as the call ends, I wanted to sneak out. But as I was about locking my door, the intercom buzzed
Me: hello

SP: Accountant, what are you doing presently?

Me: nothing sir.

SP: please come to the conference room immediately.

Me: ok sir (call ends)

I went to meet the SP in the conference room. But when I got there, I saw the SP, the Church Board, Helen and other members of her team. I sat down at the vacant seat

SP: I called this meeting so as to inform and decide on the bank we will be using. I discovered overtime that the Bank is overcharging us on our income account and the recent payment we made for the purchase of the landed property the amount charged for COT is more. But I am surprised that the Accountant (turning to me) did not raise the objection to the effect. So I want to tell you bankers, you either reverse that COT, or we move our account from your bank.

CB Chairman: Accountant I am surprised that you could not see through the transaction. What happened?

Me: Sir, it is just now that I am hearing that the bank charged us COT on the transaction. I don’t receive alert except I log – on to the church mail to see the e – mail alert. And I observed that the password to the church e – mail address has been changed and the church secretary hasn’t notified me of the change of password.

CB Chairman: are you telling the truth?

Me: sir, let me connect to the internet and check.

As I checked, they soon realized that I was unable to access the church mail. When SP saw it he calmed down

SP: but what about the internet banking platform?

Me: sir, you have requested for its deactivation since two months ago.
SP: hmmm. Ok but Accountant what is your say on this issue?

Me: (looking at Helen) sir, I would suggest you leave the accounts with them. Though I am not happy at the way they deducted that outrageous COT and even as a church we should have concession. And….

Helen Oga: Accountant, we cant do that sir. You know…

Me: (cuts in) I have a friend who also is a church accountant at Ologuneru. He operates a Zero COT on all his churches accounts

Me: sir, I don’t just want to be changing things here. Remember I am just four months old in this place and I don’t want to put this sister (pointing at Helen) to too much pressure from work.

SP: (facing the bankers) you have till Friday to reverse the transaction. If not, we will move our accounts.

Helen looked at me. When I saw her eyes, she was pleading “don’t take away your account from our bank” with her look. After the meeting I went straight to my office. The Team Lead that accompanied Helen to the meeting came to see me

Helen Oga: Accountant, why are you doing this to us? Do you want to red – flag our branch at the Head Office?

Me: I won’t talk much but whatever the SP says is final.

Helen: Accountant, I will come and see you later in the day.

Me: ok. (turned to my computer system) have a nice day sirs.

When they left, I got a whatsapp message from Helen

Helen: Accountant Mike, please prevail on the SP to retain the church accounts with us.

Me: I will try my best but I am not promising you.

Helen: whatever you want I will give you

Me: what about your………
Helen: my pu33y

Me: I never mention anything o. but by the way, you are too raw

Helen: do you know that the 30 million Naira you transferred from your church account affected my rating in the office? Even in my office, every other Relationship Officers are doing all sort to ensure that I am being boxed out from the Bank.

Me: how?

Helen: you know that you have a reserve account that is presently about 1.45 billion Naira and as I am, I am just an ND holder in the bank. So imagine, me sitting on top of such amount. i will do whatever it takes to keep your church account.

Me: hmmm…… this is serious.

Helen: so I am ready to do whatever you want me to do

I had decided to be on sabbatical for a month (i.e. not having sex for a month)

Me: I am sorry no show for the next one month.

Helen: can we meet this evening?

Me: sure.

Helen: I will send the address where we will meet.

Me: ok.
(fast forward to evening)
I got to Cocoa Mall around 6pm and I was staying in front of Cassa Bella when I felt a touch on my shoulder.

Helen: thanks for coming. I thought we would meet in my house. But all the same you are welcome.

Me: ok. How far?
Helen: please let’s go to my place.

Both of us went to Shoprite to purchase some edibles but little did I know that she bought durex along with what she bought. When we got to her place it was already 7pm. As I was settling down a call came to my phone

Me: hello

Caller: it is me

Me: who are you?

Caller: Ifeoma.

Me: cHIZOZZZ!!!! Ifeoma haa you left us to Port – Harcourt and you refused to call me.

Ifeoma: I misplaced my phone that time and I decided to retrieve the line, copied all my contacts and destroyed the sim. But where are you?

Me: I am in a friend’s place

Ifeoma: I came to Ibadan specifically to taste your c^ck. When are you going to be home?

Me: I will be home tomorrow evening.

Ifeoma: haa!!!! Let me speak with that your friend

Me: I am sorry it can’t be possible

Ifeoma: why

Me: Have a long tail and two branches

Ifeoma: (hissed) you no well Accountant. (ends call)

When her call ended, I placed my phone in silent but what strikes me most is that Helen’s house was modest, and as I saw her coming from the bathroom, I saw her laps and I wowed. Before I could say Jack Robinson, my c^ck was erect in my trousers. She came to meet me and removed her towel. I saw a clean – shaved pu33y. she removed my c^ck and when she saw the enormity she gasped.

Helen: mogbe. (I’m in trouble) so this is what you have been carrying

I kept quiet. Then she started pleasuring my c^ck with her fingers. I wanted to play with her nippl3s but she refused. Then she started sucking it like lollipop sweet. After some minutes, she took a pack of cd, wrapped my c^ck then went on fours and guided it into her pu33y. I gently bleeped her but later increased the tempo. I couldn’t enter her fully because she was very tight. Afterwards, she stood up wrapped her legs around my waist and we started bleeping. All I was hearing her saying is “Accountant, when are we getting married……. Accountant, I want to have your baby…… Accountant, don’t break my heart……. Aaaaassssshhhhhh……….. hmmmmmmmm………. Oooouuucccchhhhh……….” I unleashed the dragon in me and I bleeped her mercilessly. She climaxed about three times but I am not satisfied yet. I carried her to the bed and entered her in Missionary position and bleeped her till we both climaxed together. I removed my c^ck from her Kitty-Cat and lay beside her. I observed that she spread her legs and was fanning her pu33y. I smiled at myself and slept off.

When I woke up it was already 5am. When I checked my phone, I saw 16 missed calls 8 from Ifeoma, 6 from Kolade and 2 from an unknown number, four messages Ifeoma, Kolade and Kafeeya. I read the messages and responded the message from Kolade and Kafeeya. When I looked beside me I saw Helen sleeping like a log of wood. I stood up in order to prepare for office when Helen woke up.

Helen: Accountant, good morning.

Me: sleepy, sleepy how was your nite?

Helen: you made me feel as if I was just having sex for the first time.

We talked for some minutes. She was begging me not to take the church accounts from her bank. She even gave the condition that she will always be at my beck and call whenever I need to Bleep her. by 6.20am, I left her house and went straight to office. When I got to office, I saw Mercy already in the church office working. When she saw me, she quickly finished her job and came into my office. When she entered, she locked my door, switched off the lights and came to meet me.

Mercy: accountant I want you to Bleep me

Me: in the office?

Instead of answering me, she sat on my laps, removed my c^ck and guided it into her pu33y. we bleeped in that position for 10 minutes then she stood up, removed my c^ck from her pu33y, returned it back into my trousers, cleaned herself up and whispered into my ears “let’s go home together” and left my office.

I went downstairs to wait for her and when I saw her, we both went to her house. When we entered her room she tore off the clothes on her and she went directly to my c^ck, removed it rubbed it together with her hands. When my c^ck was fully erect, she guided it into her pu33y. I bleeped her in missionary position for 10 minutes and when I was about to cum, I removed my c^ck and cummed on her. after we rested for some minutes, she stood up, cleaned herself and went to prepare breakfast. When I checked my phone, I saw a whatsapp notification from Titilayo “where the h3ll you kept your phone??? I have been calling you since yesterday” I called her line but her number wasn’t going. I replied her on whatsapp then after we started our conversation. I was so engrossed in our chats not until when I felt some fingers rubbing my ears. When I saw Mercy we both smiled.
Mercy: is that our wife?

Me: yes ke

Mercy: hmmm. So what about me?
Me: what did you tell me that other time?

Instead of answering she placed a kiss on my lips.

Mercy: I feel like marrying you.

Me: hehehehehehehehehe

After taking breakfast, we talked for several minutes. Then a call came into my phone. It was Sis. Kafeeya

Me: hallo

Kafeeya: Accountant, how are you?

Me: I am fine.

Kafeeya: where are you?

Me: in a friend’s place
Kafeeya: or in those girls place

Me: ermmmm…..yes

Kafeeya: I trust them, “won nife fi Microsoft Cloud roojo”(they will not want to allow Microsoft Cloud to rain). I want you to come and see me today.
Me: today?

Kafeeya: yes today or….?
Me: or wetin
Kafeeya: or you deysexvice a chic

Me: infact I am doing a party.

Kafeeya: WHAT???

Me: I know you go shout. I will call you later in the day.
Kafeeya: call me before 2pm so that I will know if I will go to rehearsal today.

Me: ok. I will call. (call ends)

After the call, I was perplexed>>>>> slept in Helen’s place, fccuked Mercy this morning and Kafeeya wants me to come and see her. I was lost in thought when I felt a touch on my shoulder.


Mercy: Mike what happened?


Me: nothing.


Mercy: am I part of what you are thinking???


Instead of answering her I placed a kiss on her lips. She responded back with great intensity. I carried her to the bed, spread her legs and entered her. I bleeped her for some minutes in that position. Then I laid back and she came to ride me. We bleeped in that position for some minutes before she went on all fours and I entered her canine style. I bleeped her and we both climaxed. When I rested and cleaned up I left her place.

As soon as I left her junction, I called Kafeeya that I am already on the way. I branch a minimart and bought a pack of CD, Peak Milk (the one in 5-alive juice pack) and some edibles. I gulped and finished the peak milk to the amazement of the store – owner. I called Kafeeya when I got to the entrance of her street. She came to meet me and took me to her house. When we got there, I was amazed that such a modest house could contain all the beautiful interiors I saw inside the house.


Me: what about Praise?


Kafeeya: (smiled) Praise is with her friend in the other flat.


She left to go and fetch her, but came in almost immediately

Kafeeya: she is sleeping.


Me: ok.


She brought the family album and I looked at the photos. By that time I was feeling dizzy. When she saw me in that state she urged me to go and sleep inside the room. When I got to the room, I crashed and slept off. I woke up refreshed 2 hours later and I discovered that I was sleeping in a cozy room. I stood up to go to the parlour when I saw that Kafeeya was coming into the room.


Kafeeya: Mike you have woken up.


Me: yep.


I saw my phone blinking and I rushed to check. I saw several whatsapp notifications on the phone. I responded to three of them and I kept my phone away. She came to sit beside me


Kafeeya: Mike, hope you slept well


Me: sure. But hope I’m not treading on a viper tail.


Kafeeya: about what?


Me: what about Praise daddy?


Kafeeya: (hisses) don’t remind me of a painful past


Me: how?


Kafeeya narrated what happened between her and praise daddy. She was trying to fight back the tears. I hugged and petted her. then we faced each other looking at each other eyes. She then closes hers in anticipation of a kiss when I asked her this question


Me: do you want us to bleep each other?


Kafeeya: (eyes shut) yes


I planted a kiss on her lips; she responded with speed and intensity. My c^ck was already turgid and anticipating. Then I took one of her bweest and started fondling it. She took her hand straight to my c^ck and caressed it. We broke from the kiss and she immediately went to my c^ck and start sucking it. I was rubbing her hairs and caressing her ears. Then she played with my c^ck till I cummed.


Me: why didn’t you allow me to bleep you?

Kafeeya: my visitor came visiting this afternoon.


I calmed down; afterwards, I lay on the bed and she lay beside me stroking my chest.


Kafeeya: don’t worry Accountant, when my visitor leaves, I will come for my “entitlement”


We both laughed. After some minutes I went to the bathroom to clean up. And when I got to the sitting room, she had prepared dinner. I hurriedly ate dinner and went home tired and exhausted. Monday morning when I got to the office, I was summoned to the SP office. When I got there, he ushered me to sit down


SP: Accountant, I want to talk with you. I saw you sleeping all through the service yesterday. What happened?


Me: I was a bit tired yesterday sir.


SP: well, I want to tell you that Pastor Alowonle has been transferred to Abuja at his place of work. So another Pastor has been transferred down here by the church leadership.


Me: ok


SP: his name is PastorAnonimiOmenka


Me: Pastor AnonimiOmenka??? Ok sir. I have heard you sir.


SP: Accountant, prepare the release of funds for Pastor Omenka. Because you remember that Pastor Alowonle was living in his personal house.


Me: ok sir.


SP: but Accountant, what about your fiancée?


Me: she’s fine. She is in Lokoja presently.


SP: but when will she be through?


Me: February next year. But, she will be leaving the country for her Masters


SP: ah!!!! :o. so she would leave you here


Me: (sighs) yes sir.


SP: has she come to visit you recently?

Me: yes pastor. She has.


SP: but you didn’t tell me……


Me: she is related to Mrs Adedokun husband.


SP: that’s good. I thought you are a “HOMO” or a perv….


Me: nooooooo. I am neither of the two sir.


SP: don’t let me catch you with any other lady in the church.


Me: ok sir. (Scared)


When I left him, I was troubled…… “Who have told SP about my sexcapedes??? What if these girls want to create a scene in the church??? Or what if any of this girls get belle???” I was thinking about that when I stumbled on mercy while I was going to my office


Mercy: Accountant you no dey see?


Me: emina? na me you deyyab like that


Instead of answering me, she touched my c^ck. I quickly slapped her hands away and looked at her in an awkward way. When I got to the office, I called her


Me: Mercy, we need to talk


Mercy: I am already coming to see you in the office.


Me: ok (call ends)


When she got into my office, she locked the door and came towards me


Mercy: Lover boy, howdy?


Me: I am not fine. I’m scared.


Mercy: what happened?


Me: SP called me some minutes ago and was asking me about my fiancée. I told him about her and he was like trying to know if I was flirting with other ladies in the church.


Mercy: did you tell him about me?


Me: tell him about you ke??? Do you want make him slice both of us raw?

Mercy: well, I will tell him about us


Me: ah!!!! (kneeling down) Mercy, I take God beg you, no do anyhow o; biko.


Mercy: then suck me now


Me: (standing up) be careful, make I no flog una a$$.


Instead of her answering me, she pulled her skirt up and I saw a freshly shaved mound. My c^ck sprang alive but I controlled it. I went to her and we kissed for some minutes. She wanted more but I resisted her.


Mercy: I want to come and pay you a visit at home this evening.


Me: you know what I’ve been telling you. Except if you bring another person along with you.


Mercy: trust me, I will.


After the close of work, I hurriedly went home to prepare for the guests coming. Around 6.30pm, I was notified by the mai-guard that I had visitors. When I told him to let them in, he allowed them in. when they entered my apartment, I saw mercy with a friend that she brought along. She quickly introduced her to me and we went inside to have a quickie. After then, we both cleaned up and went back to the parlour. When we got there, I discovered her friend was sleeping and I went to the kitchen to serve them food. When they finished eating and I was seeing them off, we met Mrs Adedokun coming in. I introduced both of them to her and went our way. When I returned, I was summoned by Mrs Adedokun


Mrs Adedokun: Mike, who are those ladies?


Me: the one on orange shirt is Mercy. The cleaner employed in the church and the other sister is her friend


Mrs Adedokun: I thought you have started bringing those ladies into this house.


Me: no ma. (I lied) you know that I can never do such in this place when I am living with my in – laws.


Mrs Adedokun: I thought as much.


Me: but where are the children???


Mrs Adedokun: (hisses) they insisted that they want to see their father and since when they have got there, they have refused to come back to Ibadan.

Me: eeyah. It is like they’ve missed him


Mrs Adedokun: na you sabi. You men like to bribe the children to always side them


We both laughed. But as I was going, she called me back


Mrs Adedokun: why are you always staying alone in your apartment all this while?


Me: ma, I just feel like not intruding your privacy.


Mrs Adedokun: like now that only both of us are in this compound apart from the Mai-guard, so you will leave me alone in this building?


Me: I might not stay with you in the building but I am with you in the same compound.


Mrs Adedokun: ok Accountant. Have a splendid night rest


Me: and you too ma.


As soon as I got to my apartment, I saw a message on my phone. It was from Mrs Adedokun: “Leave your door opened. I’m coming”. I was perplexed because apart from being my Land – lady, she is also my in – law’s wife. I left the door opened and I waited for her; after a while I slept off. I woke up with a hand tapping my arm and when I stood up, I saw Mrs Adedokun in a Senegalese gown; she had locked the door, dimmed the lights and pulled down the curtains. I greeted her and wanted to lock the door when she pulled me back. She unbuttoned her gown and off it went from her body totally UNCLAD. I’d wanted to run from her but I saw her firm boob33, and her nippl3s were tact. We both went into the room and she lay on my bed. I went to lay beside her and twerking her nippl3s as she was rubbing my chest.


Mrs Adedokun: that night Titilayo came, I saw your ‘ROD’. I couldn’t believe that such a short guy like you could have a massive rod like that. And the way you were pummelling her made me wet seriously.


Me: but, hope there won’t be trouble ma? Because your sister in – law is my fiancée and I’m presently in your husband house.


Mrs Adedokun: do you think this house belongs to my husband? I am the owner of the house. My husband and I have been separated for the past 14years. And you know it is blood that is flowing in my veins not wire or rubber.


Me: I know but……..


Mrs Adedokun: (places her finger on my lips) is it about if I get pregnant?


Me: yes ma.


Mrs Adedokun: I have already done sterilisation. So don’t be scared.


She stood up and brought out a kit from her cloth. Immediately she punches my finger and blood came out. She made it drop on the kit and waited for some seconds. Afterwards, she dropped it and came to the bed and went for my rooster. I asked her


Me: what was that for?


Mrs Adedokun: you and questions sha. I tested you to know if you are free.


Me: (relaxes) owk. I have heard you


She went for my c^ck and finger – pleasured it. As if on command, it sprang to life and was fully erect within seconds. She then took c^ck halfway and started sucking it. She sucked it as if her life depended on it. After a while we went on 69 position and as she was sucking me, I was also sucking and finger – pleasure her. Then she went on all fours and when I entered her, she was tighter than a virgin. I was rocking her gently because she was squirming. After a while she got accustomed to it and was enjoying the flow. Then I lay on the bed and she straddled me. She rode me furiously as if she was riding a madcow1. We were in that position for some minutes. But I discovered that she was biting her lips and was controlling her moans. Then I lay her on the bed and hanged her legs on my shoulders. Hmmmm…..asshhhh… yeahhhhh…. Commmonnnn….. She was saying gibberish and was moaning heavily. After a while I took her to the top of my table and I spread her legs apart. I bleeped her as if I was drilling crude oil in the swamps of Niger Delta. She was moaning and groaning together. After 5 minutes we cummed together. She looked at me and said “Accountant, you are a bad boy”. I sat on the chair very – very exhausted; and my eyes were spinning. Before I say Jack Bauer, she was already snoring gently on the table. I woke her up, took her to the room and we slept together.


She woke me around 4am and as i stood up I felt as if I was tied on my feet with 16 9” sandcrete blocks on each leg. I beckoned on her to be going home and I slept back. I woke up around 8.30am feeling relieved a bit but drained. I quickly prepared for office and I went there. I met the other staff doing morning devotion. After the devotion, I called on Mercy to get me breakfast and to buy a tin of milk. I checked my phone and saw 17 missed calls, 3 missed Skype calls from Titilayo and 22 Whatsapp notifications. I had to dial Titilayo’s number


Titilayo: happy birthday my dear Michael. But I’m angry at you


Me: what happened?


Titilayo: ever since you resumed in that church, you never had time for me again. Even to call me it will be war…………or have I gotten a replacement?


Me: replacement ke? When I don’t want to “fi acid taba”


Titilayo: well I believe you a bit. But I want to be assured that nobody is space – booking over there.


Me: no……..


Titilayo: Birthday boy, so how are we doing your birthday?


Me: I am not feeling fine presently. I feel weak.


Titilayo: ok. But hope those girls haven’t milked you sha?


ME: emike? No lady dey milk me here


Titilayo: Ok. But dear, I will be going to Jos tomorrow


Me: emin selenibe (what’s happening there?)


Titilayo: do you know Gimbiya; my bestiein school is having her wedding this Saturday


Me: ok ooo. Bring potatoes and carrots for me.


Titilayo: bring ego (money)


We both laughed. After ending the call, I received a call from someone.


Stranger: is that Mike?


Me: yes I am. Who am I speaking with?


Stranger: do you know Kafeeya Lawal?


Me: yes but who the h3ll am I speaking with?


Stranger: Why do you want to know me?


Me: when you are not an angel?
Stranger: I want to just tell you to keep away from her. you visited her this Saturday. (I gasped). You think I won’t know abi? Anything that Banky Endowed touches doesn’t fly around or is being shared with anyone.



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