AP: are you married?


Me: no sir


AP: but what is wrong with you? The doctor said that you were suffering from exhaustion due to s3x


Me: I want to ask you sir, how is it possible for someone who is not married have exhaustion due to s3x?


AP: I know you well enough. What about the relationship you keep with Sis. Kafeeya


Me: (shocked) Sis Kafeeya is a friend and nothing more. I have someone I’m dating and she is serving in Lokoja


AP: what is her name?


Me: Titilayo Adedokun


AP: Mrs. Adedokun sister – in – law?


Me: Yes…. Do you know her?


AP: The Titilayo Adedokun that I know serves in Abuja and I thought she’s related to Mrs. Adedokun; because she had discussed with me about her sister in – law serving presently in Abuja.


Me: No….. she is serving in Lokoja not Abuja.


AP: well I won’t argue with you; just be careful and try to rest for some days.


After taking my medications and resting in the hospital for some days, I decided to go home. But what baffles me was that Mrs. Adedokun didn’t call nor pay me a visit in the hospital. When I got home, I went straight to my apartment, entered and locked my door. I called Titilayo’s number but it was placed on waiting call. I waited for some minutes to call her number again and it connected


Me: Titilayo mi, e ku ojo meta o


Stranger:  (male voice) who is this?


Me: who are you?


Stranger: I be Audu Moh’d and who you be?


Me: I wan speak with the owner of the phone wey you dey hold.


Stranger: you dey craze. The phone wey I don dey use since 2009


Me: na your papa craze. I wan speak with my girlfriend


Stranger: you don check the number wey you dial…..banza


I quickly checked the number and I discovered that I punched the wrong digit


Me: abeg no vex……


He hissed and ended the call


I dialled Titilayo number and it connected


Titilayo: Thank God I have been trying to call you and……


Me: shut the fˆckk up. Where have you been all this while?


Titilayo: is that how you will greet me? MIKE???


Me: the last time I called you were last week Monday and today is Thursday so….


Titilayo: kii se ebi re (it is not your fault)


Me: then whose fault is it?


Titilayo: the reason why I said that it wasn’t your fault is that when we were travelling to Jos for the wedding, the bus I boarded was hijacked at Vom/Kuru road. We were taken to Toro in Bauchi where we were held hostage. Then we heard that Jos was boiling then. As soon as we were taken to the compound where we were all held, they killed all the men in the bus and locked all the women in a room. we were eight including my friend that was about getting married. One by one all the women were raped except me and my friend. I was surprised that we were spared then I later heard that they wanted to keep us for their leader. As soon as the leader saw me, he said that why should they have held me hostage because seeing me is seeing trouble. And before we could say Jack, the military raided the compound, captured them and liberated us. We were all taken to JUTH for medical test/flushing and evaluation. My friend was devastated when she heard that her husband had married the best lady. it is just now that the Military Officers just dropped us back at our apartment in Lokoja.


Me: (calmed down) I want to see you in Ibadan unfailing tomorrow


Titilayo: I am sorry Mike. I am going to meet my parents in Ilorin tomorrow.

Me: then I am coming to Ilorin tomorrow.


Titilayo: don’t bother yourself coming


Me: I insist that I am coming.


Titilayo: if you insist, well I will be expecting you.


Me: I will call you when I get to Ilorin tomorrow.


Titilayo: so you are no longer angry with me?


Me: (calms down) I am still angry (smiling) but I have missed my love…..


Titilayo: ok love, I will be expecting to see you.


Me: I will call you later.


Titilayo: sure.


As soon as the call ended, I saw a message from Mercy. When I read it, I called her back


Mercy: is it because I told you that I missed my period that was why you fainted? Or is it that you have been sharing my “thing” with another woman??? For your information, I am not pregnant at all. I missed you and I saw how Sis. Kafeeya was eyeing you in the church that was why I pulled that stunt


Me: Mercy, never in your life, I repeat, never in your life pull such stunt with me AGAIN.


Mercy: Mike, I know you didn’t mean what you said


Me: I mean every letter.


Mercy: do you think I was joking? I went for blood test yesterday and my period came this morning before I confirmed that I was not pregnant……….


Me: (calmed down) you should be absolutely sure before breaking such news. My parents will SKIN me alive if I break such news to them.


Mercy: ole ni e (lazy boy). so you can be fcukikkng without protection and……..


Me: no be you want it raw?


Mercy: (purred) I want to feel the flesh……..Mike don’t make me horney.


Me: just got home. I wanna try and rest. I will see you guys in the office tomorrow morning.


Mercy: take care dear (call ends)


I quickly ate my food, took some drugs and slept. The following morning as I was leaving the compound, I saw Mrs. Adedokun backing me. When I got to the gate, she called me back


Mrs. Adedokun: Mike, meet me in the car


I entered the car but I did not say anything.


Mrs. Adedokun: Mike, I know that you will be annoyed that I didn’t come to pay you visit when you were in the hospital. There have been tongues wagging in the church that I took you in to make you my gigolo and the information had reached Senior Pastor.


Me: to be candid Chinyere, I was very angry and mad at you. That you didn’t call me neither did you pay me a visit. But……


She placed her hand on my c^ck and stroked it for some minutes.


Mrs. Adedokun: I was the one who told the Doctor that you have been exhausted sexually; though the AP was there and we both laughed it off; but I covered for you and paid the bills.


Me: ma, I’m grateful. But…………….


Mrs. Adedokun: how will you pay back abi? Rest well. We will continue from where we stopped


Me: you are not serious. I might be going to Ilorin today.


Mrs. Adedokun: what happened?


Me: I want to see Titilayo’s parents. Titi was kidnapped last week and she had returned to Ilorin. So, I want to go and see her.


Mrs. Adedokun: ok Mike.


She drove out of the compound and dropped me in the church. When I got there, I told SP that my fiancée’s dad wants to see me in Ilorin.  I quickly attended to the jobs on my desk and I left for Ilorin. I called Mercy to inform her about my urgent trip. But when I got to the park, a call came into my phone. When I checked, it was Kafeeya


Kafeeya: Accountant, where are you going now?


Me: why do you want to know?


Kafeeya: since the day we chatted last, you haven’t called nor chatted with me. Infact, I’m angry at you.


Me: Yes be angry at me. I was hospitalized for some days and you didn’t deem it fit to check on me at the clinic and………………….


Kafeeya: ah!!!!!!!! I didn’t know at all. So where are you heading to? Because I am seeing your ugly head from the bus I am.


Me: I am going to Ilorin


Kafeeya: enter that Ajumose (Pacesetter Transport Services) bus. It is the one going to Ilorin. (ends call)


When I turned, I saw her in the bus already seated. I went in and sat beside her.


Me: Kafeeya, I am angry at you


Kafeeya: Mike, please don’t be angry at me.


Me: can’t you even check on me in the office even when I didn’t contact you.


Kafeeya: I asked of you from Sis. Mercy but she didn’t tell me what happened.


Me: ok. But, you would have checked me at home.


Kafeeya: I can’t come to your house o. I don’t want to cause issue for you because, news is already flying around that you and Mrs. Adedokun are sleeping with each other.


Me: ah!!!!!!!!!


Kafeeya: it has gotten so bad that people are avoiding her in the church


Me: tau. I will start looking for another apartment outside.


Kafeeya: it will be better


Me: I am going to Ilorin to see my fiancée and her parents


Kafeeya: (screams) WHAT??? So you have someone you are dating?


Me: yes


Kafeeya: Mike…….Mike……


By that time everyone’s attention in the bus was drawn to us. I had to stylishly divert the discussion to asking about her daughter. She never wanted to respond but since we were in the bus, she was forced to answer.  When we took off I remained silent all through the journey. People in the bus were discussing about the current fuel scarcity that’s already biting into the purse and pockets of Nigeria. I was chatting with Titilayo inside the bus till we got to a place after Oyo town when we had to wait on the road because there was an accident along the way. We chatted for a while till I had a nudge on my shoulder


Kafeeya: is it because of what I said that’s why you ignored me?


Me: Kafayatuuuu, to be candid, I was. Do you think I won’t have anyone that I was dating?


Instead of her to talk we started chatting through whatsapp in the bus. We waited for over two hours before we could continue our journey and by that time it was dark already. When we got to the outskirts of Gambari (a town after Ogbomosho on your way to Ilorin), we were told to either turn back or wait till the following morning because curfew has been placed on that town. We tried linking up to the express, but we discovered that the route to the express was totally on lockdown. After much deliberation in the bus, everyone agreed to return to Ogbomosho to spend the night there. All that time, Kafeeya placed her head on my shoulder. When we got to Ogbomosho, we located an inn where we retired for the night. I called Titilayo to inform her of the latest development and after the call was ended, Kafeeya jumped on me



Kafeeya: make love to me Mike


Me: Kafeeya, I’m dead tired


Kafeeya: I’m smoking hot and I need you to cool me (she said to my ears)


Me: dear, I don’t have protection here and I don’t want to do it “skin – to – skin”


Kafeeya: don’t worry, I am in my safe period.


Me: Kafeeya, please try to understand……


She pulled down the fly of my trousers and started stroking my c^ck. A soft moan escaped my mouth. Se knelt in front of me and started sucking it. I had to bit my lips so as not to make sounds. After some minutes, she pulled off her gown and I saw pink lacy panties and pink bra. I pulled the strings of the panties and it fell off her. She pushed me to the bed and strode me. She rode me furiously like Gandalf riding his white horse in the Lord of the Rings. I noticed that her pu33y was tight and slippery. After a while, we changed position and I bleeped her mercilessly. She clawed, moaned, cried but I couldn’t stop. Then she went on fours and I entered her. After three minutes in that position, we cummed together and we both crashed to the bed. I was really exhausted and I slept off. Around 5 am, I woke up very hungry but I saw her already dressed and sleeping. When I tried waking her up, she wasn’t responding. After some minutes, I tried waking her up but surprisingly she said from her sleep “don’t worry. By the time we are finished with the accountant, he will not even recognize his mother again”. She also said “Accountant will not be able to resist us when we are ready for him” then silence. I was scared because I knew that I had stepped on viper’s tail. As she was trying to wake up, I pretended to be asleep.


Kafeeya: (purring) Accountant, good morning.


Me: (pretending to be sleepy) good morning lady. Hope you slept well?


Kafeeya: sure (rubbing her hands on my chest).


My c^ck sprang to life as if it was waiting for her touch. I tried to resist her but before I could say Jack, she had already pulled me to her and inserted my c^ck to her c^nt. We bleeped for some minutes before I cummed into her and we both went to the shower together. When I checked my phone, I saw several missed calls from Mrs. Adedokun, Titilayo, her Dad and Kolade. I saw an SMS from Kolade telling me that we had to see as soon as possible.


When I got to Ilorin, I met with Titilayo’s dad and we discussed for some hours. He told me that after his daughter finishes from NYSC, she will be proceeding to the United Kingdom. I was unhappy because, they want to slim down my chances of getting married to her. After her dad left, we both had some serious deliberations


Me: Titilayo, so what you have been saying is true


Titilayo: Mike, you have seen what I’ve been telling you.


Me: so what would be the fate of us?


Titilayo: US as in how?


Me: do you know that when you leave for your masters, I will still be in Nigeria and God knows when you will be back.


Titilayo: don’t you trust your girl again? I will come back as soon as I complete my programme.


Me: hmmm.


Titilayo: why hmmm?


Me: it is easier said than done girl.


Titilayo: to know how serious I am, let’s make an oath


Me: for what Titi?


Titilayo: so that you have rest of mind concerning my journey.


Me: don’t worry everything will be fine…….


As we were talking, a call came into Titilayo phone. She ignored it


Me: pick the call


Titilayo: don’t mind the person calling.


I observed that the person calling was calling with a UK number. I pretended that I didn’t see it. Then I realised that Titilayo is gone for good. I decided to give her a “testimonial” bleep that day and call it quits with her. Another part of me said that she should be ignored.  I stood up to leave


Titilayo: don’t tell me that you won’t sleep here tonight.


Me: dear, I’m sorry. I had to be in Ibadan unfailing tonight.


Titilayo: why Mike?


Me: I was only given the luxury of one night and I spent it on the road.


Titilayo: why now……Mike why are you doing this?


Me: it is not me. I am surprised that Pastor hasn’t called me since morning and…….


As soon as I was saying that SP call came in


Me: Good morning Pastor.


SP: hope you were able to get to Ilorin yesterday?


Me: no sir. I got there this morning


SP: what happened?


Me: our bus followed the Old Road and we were stopped at Gambari because of the curfew imposed on the town. We tried to link up with the express road but we were denied access.


SP: so, it means you wont be in Ibadan today?


Me: no sir.


SP: if you don’t come today, your query will be warming in the cooler.


Me: Ah!!!! I will be in the church before the close of work today.


SP: i will call you in three and a half hours’ time. I want to know that you are in Ibadan by that time.


Me: yes Pastor. (call ends)


Me: (turning to Titilayo) I have to go now. SP gave me till 2pm to be in the office.


Titilayo: AHHHH…… I thought you will stay till evening and you will leave. But Mike please make love to me


I went to her, gave her a peck on her lips and left her house. She stood transfixed on a spot till I got to the gate and left. When I got to Ibadan, I called kolade and fixed an appointment with him later in the day. When I got to the office, I went to meet with the SP


SP: Accountant, we don’t just travel like that here at CFL.


Me: I am sorry sir. it was due to the curfew imposed on Gambari town. We discovered that they were doing the ORO cult day, and any stranger captured will be used for sacrifice.


SP: (calms down) It is ok. but I was surprised when you didn’t call me to at least tell me what happened.


Me: I am sorry sir.


SP: so how is she?


Me: (coldly) she is fine sir.


SP: what happened?


Me: nothing sir.


SP: ok. you can go to your office


When I got to my office, I was trying to concentrate on my job. Titilayo had been calling my line since when I left Ilorin but I wasn’t picking her call. After a while her dad called my line but I refused to pick it. After the close of work that day, I called Kolade and we met at Agbowo at a friend’s place


Kolade: olobe ni e. ever since you moved to Mrs. Adedokun place, you have never had the time to pay me visits like before.


Me: ma binu. You know the schedule of work and Nike is always around.


Kolade: but at least we would have met here


Me: ma binu ore.


Kolade: I called you because I heard some “truths” about you and I want to confirm if it is true.


Me: what did you hear about me?


Kolade: how you have been banging Mrs. Adedokun times without number and……


Me: can you keep a secret ore? Because the day you reveal it, I will skin you alive in the presence of Nike and everyone.


Kolade: skin me? In front of Nike?


Me: don’t you think I don’t know about Bolaji and Tunmise


Kolade: the day you tell Nike about them, ma pa e


We both laughed


Me: truly I have been having s3xual relationship with Mrs. Adedokun


Kolade: EKUN!!! The Badoski himself. O mu nnkan s’enu se’nu wuye (pretender of the highest order)


Me: even with Ifeoma…….


Kolade: ah!!!! So you have gone this far with these two women? Baddest boy ever liveth (he shook my hands) get ready for the fight of vipers and anacondas when the truth spills out. What about Titi?


Me: she is leaving for UK immediately after Youth Service for her Masters. And I observed that she already has someone she’s dating over there.


Kolade: o ga o. so if she discovers that you are already bleeping her sister – in – laws, what will she do?


Me: even before she discovers, I have already decided to hang the boot with those two women especially Mrs. Adedokun.


Kolade: I will even suggest, you leave that compound as soon as possible for your own safety.


As we were talking, Mrs. Adedokun call came in


Me: that’s she calling


Kolade: who?


Me: Mrs. Adedokun


Kolade: don’t pick her call. Start creating artificial scarcity in that house so that they won’t put you in trouble.


Me: do you know that I bleep Mercy and Kafeeya also


Kolade: which Mercy and Kafeeya?


Me: Mercy – Church Office cleaner and Kafeeya – in the Choir.


Kolade: MIKE!!! (shook his head in disbelief) you are mad. You finally screwed Kafeeya – that lady who use to form big girl in the choir. I will have to report you to the Pastor.


Me: report to him and I will gladly report to Nike. And we will see who will lose at the



We both laughed


Kolade: Mike, please be very careful o. Kafeeya is not a person everyone thinks she is.


Me: how?


Kolade: do you know that she has a daughter?


Me: I know. Her name is Praise.


Kolade: o ti e mo dada (you know her well). She had a fling with one honourable some years back and it resulted into pregnancy. As soon as the man knew she was pregnant, he gave her the sum of 3 million Naira and disappeared into the thin air. So no man has approached her. I even wanted to move close to her but she rebuffed my advances and almost nailed me in front of the Senior Pastor.


Me: so ore, what should I do?


We discussed at length on what to do. At the time we were discussing, Mrs. Adedokun kept on calling my line. After much exasperation, I decided to pick her line and I placed it on speaker


Mrs. Adedokun: Mike, where did you keep your phone all this while?


Me: I wasn’t with my phone and I was charging it.


Mrs. Adedokun: (sexily) Mike I need you now


Me: ma, you know I told you that it won’t be possible. I don’t want to hurt Titilayo and hurt you too.


Mrs. Adedokun: I have prepared dinner for you and the other dinner too is waiting.


Please don’t let it get cold.


Me: hmmm……


Mrs. Adedokun: I will be waiting. (call ends)


Kolade: to – to bee ni? (Has it gotten to this extent?)


Me: Koolberry I am fed up. I still ask myself how I got into this mess


Kolade: you won’t know…. When you always dress to kill and all ladies are fighting to get you.


Me: o ga ooo…..


After gisting for a while and strategizing, I left for the house. As soon as I got into the compound, I was hearing voices of Segun and Dolapo. I was greatly relieved because Mrs. Adedokun will not be lonely in the house again. I entered and I saw the full family Mr. and Mrs. Adedokun, Segun, Dolapo and guess who I saw………


I greeted everyone in the house and all responded except Ifeoma. I ignored her and I was playing with both Segun and Dolapo. When I was about to leave I was called back


Mr. Adedokun: what is happening between you and Titilayo?


Me: nothing sir.


Mr. Adedokun: Titilayo called me this afternoon and she was crying. Then she explained what happened and what you told her


Mrs. Adedokun: (coolly) what happened between the two of you Accountant?


Me: the day I ought to be in Ilorin, the bus I took broke down on the road; and when we got to Gambari, we had to return to Ogbomosho because there was curfew in the town. And when I got to there I observed that someone was calling her with a UK number and she was ignoring it.


Mr. Adedokun: how do you know the number?


Me: it started with +44 and ended with 635


Mr. Adedokun and his wife looked at each other. Ifeoma hissed and went inside the room. Then Mr. Adedokun spoke up


Mr. Adedokun: Mike, you will have to take it easy….. but at least you would have asked her who the person was


Me: to let her know that I am not bothered, I told her to pick the call but she ignored the call and said that I shouldn’t mind the person calling.


Mr. Adedokun: Mike, let’s talk tomorrow morning.


Me: ok sir.


Mr. Adedokun: Ifeoma, please take the package we bought for Mike to his apartment


Me: thank you sir.


Mr. Adedokun: never mind. After all, we are family.


I appreciated him and I left for my apartment. When I got there, I saw an SMS from Ifeoma “Mike, there are some explanations to make” I called her immediately


Ifeoma: can I come now?


Me: yes you can


As soon as she entered, I observed that apart from what Mr. Adedokun brought for me,

she brought a food flask, dropped it on my table, went inside the kitchen and brought two plates. We ate in silence for some minutes. After eating, she faced me


Ifeoma: what did I do to you Mike?


Me: you did nothing Ifeoma.


Ifeoma: but why are you not calling me all this while?


Me: just decided to keep a safe distance from you


Ifeoma: (sneers) “just decided to keep a safe distance from you” and you are still living here?


Me: na you sabi. I decided not to call you because of what you said.


Ifeoma: is it because I said I don’t want to share my “thing” (pointing at my c^ck) with Kafeeya


Me: (yinmu from my mind) you are not serious. Is it your thing or Titilayo?


Ifeoma: Titilayo??? Mike forget about her


Me: what happened?


Ifeoma: the number you mentioned is the number of your girl’s fiancé. He wasn’t serious with her from the start.


Me: WHAT???


Ifeoma: they’ve met during school and she was dating both of you. It was because his dad got a contract through her dad and they want to use the marriage to seal their friendship.


Me: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮


Ifeoma: if you observe well, my sister and her husband looked at each other when you mentioned the number….


Me: please wait. I need to call that girl (I dialled Titilayo number)


Titilayo: Mike do you want to kill me?


Me: I want to ask you; who was that person that called you with that international number?


Titilayo: hmmm….. it is not what you think…….


Me: then tell me what is it?


Titilayo: (burst into tears) Mike I am sorry. I have really disappointed you.


Me: what happened?


Titilayo: the masters I said I was to do in the UK is not true. I am getting married in the UK.


Me: AH!!!!! O ti pami…..


Titilayo: in fact, I will be going next month


Me: ah!!!! But why (tears falling from my face) Titi why are you doing this to me??? (call ended)


Ifeoma wanted to move closer to console me but I walked out of the apartment and I went to the garden. Before I could say Jack Bauer, I felt a sharp pain at the back of my leg. When I turned to look, I discovered it was a scorpion bite. I screamed my lungs out. Everyone in the house rushed out and I was administered first aid. I was rushed to the hospital to be treated and after treatment, I slept off.


I woke up the following morning refreshed but really depressed. I observed that Ifeoma was resting her head on the hospital bed. I was sad and angry at the same time. later in the day, I was discharged from the hospital; but I decided that I will leave the house immediately. I called kolade to inform him about all what happened. He told me to come and spend some days in his place. Mrs. Adedokun and Ifeoma tried calling me several times but I refused picking their calls. After some days, I secured another apartment and I went to the house to inform the Adedokun’s that I’m leaving the apartment. They were shocked most especially Mrs. Adedokun but she couldn’t say anything because her husband and Ifeoma were there.



I maintained a low profile in my apartment and in the church. Sis Kafeeya got a job in Abuja and moved there. Mercy resigned from the church and moved to Badagry. I changed my line so as to disconnect from Mrs. Adedokun and Ifeoma. But, one day when I closed from office and I was at Shoprite, I saw Blessing

Me: o ga ju. How are you?


Blessing: don’t greet me at all. You were working in Idi – Ishin and I was living at Ile – Tuntun. But, you never deem it fit to come and pay me a visit.


Me: I was in a complicated situation then. The person I lived with was my former fiancée sister in – law.


Blessing: eeyah. Pele dear. How are you now?


Me: I am fine. What about your family?


Blessing: everyone is fine….just that I missed your c^ck


Me: Blessing, don’t let me fight you. You are married and you already have kids. Don’t implicate me.


Blessing: you know that I have not tasted your c^ck all this while sha. But I wont mind tasting it one day


Me: don’t let us start what we won’t finish.


Blessing: which time can I call you?


Me: sorry dear, I have changed the line I was using. Give me your number so that I will call you.


We exchanged contacts and I promised to call her. Some days later in the service the SP came to the altar


SP: Church, I observed that immorality is thick in the air in this church. I sense a strange spirit has possessed the youths and what surprised me most is that they are the one’s ministering to us. (facing the choir) I hereby disband the Choir Unit of the Church with immediate effect. Drama Unit is also placed on suspension (grumbling in the church) and I personally will ensure that new members are thoroughly screened before they are admitted. Meanwhile, Mrs. Adedokun will be leading the Praise Session and the Associate Pastor will be the one leading the special ministrations. I was shocked but I did not show it. After the service I dialled Blessing number. After the third ring, she picked up the call


Blessing: Hello boy?


Me: Sup girl. How are you?


Blessing: I am fine.

Me: what about your husband?


Blessing: he is fine. So where are you?


Me: I am in the church. Just want to speak with someone.


Blessing: haba! You ought to have spoken with “our” wife….


Me: you are not ok. she had gone to the UK to marry.


Blessing: hmmm. That’s serious. Can we see today?


Me: Daddy ma wa n’le and the kids.


Blessing: will it be possible?


Me: send the address. I will come.


Blessing: I will send it immediately. (call ends)


When she sent the SMS, I saw the address and I decided to go. When I got there, I saw a familiar car parked in the premises of the place. I called her to meet me outside and when she came, I saw that she was looking sexy.


Blessing: why are you looking at me like that?


Me: I feel like grabbing the melons on your chest and squeeze it


Blessing: if my husband catches you.


Me: but wait o. it seems as if this car looks like my pastor’s own


Blessing: sure it is. Your pastor is my husband’s elder brother


Me: mogbe! And you allowed me to come to your place?


Instead of her to answer, she pulled me along with her inside. When we entered, I saw Senior Pastor and his wife in the house


SP: Accountant, what are you doing here?


Me: I came to see Blessing and her kids.


SP: (facing her) do you know him before?


Blessing: yes sir. all the way from Ijebu.


SP: ok….. I see. Hope he was not one of your former…….


Blessing: Noooooooo. It is not possible. His parents and mine are family friends.


SP: o ti e ti da. So you know him (pointing at me) very well


Blessing: yes I know him. He was a very……….


SP: Bad boy abi


Me: never sir…….


Blessing: he is someone I always respect a lot when we were in Ijebu.


SP: that’s good. Well I want to be going. Whenever your husband calls, extend my regards to him and tell him to contact me.


After a short prayer, he left the house. After he left and Blessing returned, I asked


Me: awon omo nko? (where are the kids?)


Blessing: (downcast) there haven’t been any issue


Me: eeyah


Blessing: even, my husband has been out of the country for the past 2years.


Me: hmmm. You have missed special touches from him?


Blessing: please let’s forget about that. What should I offer you?


Me: water is ok.


She brought a tray with a glass of juice in it. When she dropped it in my front, I saw her chest and saw those sweet melons without her putting on a bra.


Me: I wish I could drink this juice from your b^^bs….


Blessing winked at me.


As she sat beside me a call came into her phone. She picked it

Blessing: how are you? ……… ah Ify baby, I am at home….. ok dear


When the call ended, she faced me


Blessing: sorry Mike, Ify is a friend and she is coming here anytime from now


Me: ok. but is she pretty?


Instead of answering me, she placed a kiss on my lips and we started kissing each other.

The session was cut short when we heard that the bell on the door. Blessing went to the door and opened it. They both exchanged pleasantries and as Ifeoma wanted to enter she said


Ifeoma: I can perceive the cologne of someone here


Blessing: and who is that person?


Ifeoma: it was the guy I told you about. The guy that works in our church


Blessing: is it Mike?


Ifeoma: how do you know him?


Blessing: he is a friend from home in Ijebu – Ode


Ifeoma: he was to marry the sister to my brother – in – law. But she was forced to marry another guy in UK.


Blessing: (pretending to be surprised) what??? Why did she have to be forced???


Ifeoma: it was my sister that orchestrated the plan.


Me: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ifeoma was shocked to see me


Ifeoma: (stammering) Mike, how are you?


Me: don’t greet me. So you people just decided to put me into this mess abi??? Thanks be to God that I left your place.


Ifeoma: (begging me) Mike, you know that I always had those feelings for you and……


Me: and what??? You were privy to such information but you didn’t let me know. So if I didn’t come to see Blessing that’s how I will never know what really happened.

I drank the remaining juice in the glass and went to meet Blessing, gave her a peck in the presence of Ifeoma and left. Ifeoma was shocked but I didn’t care. The following day as I entered the church premises, I saw Mrs Adedokun with the Senoir Pastor. I greeted them and as I was passing. SP called me back


SP: Accountant, oro wa


Me: ok sir.


I saw that Mrs Adedokun’s face was blunt but I didn’t care. When SP got to the office, I went to meet him


SP: Accountant, why did you leave Mrs Adedokun’s house?


I narrated what happened to him between Titilayo and I. he was really surprised


SP: so, all these have been going on and you couldn’t tell me.


Me: I am sorry sir.


SP: because, when you left us, I asked her about your conduct at home and she said that you are a very rude boy. That’s by the way, there will be a meeting on Sunday and you will have to be there.


Me: ok sir.


SP: you can go to your office.


As soon as I got back to the office, I received a message that someone wanted to see me. When the person entered……guess who the person was………


Mrs Adedokun: Mike what is wrong with you?


I kept silent.


Mrs Adedokun: well….. Let’s meet at Film house Cinema by 6.30pm tonight. (she exits)


After she left, I tried settling down at work then a call entered my phone


Me: hello


Caller: is that Mike Olatunji?


Me: yes I am.

Caller: I am calling you with respect to the application you submitted for the post of Transaction Officer in our Outsourcing Firm, you are invited for an aptitude test & interview tomorrow in Lagos.


Me: I am sorry, I have gotten a job in a church.


Caller: I know you will be sorry. Banky lo n soro


Me: Alobam 1??? Happney65???


Banky Endowed: emi naa ni. Bawo ni?


Me: I am fine


Banky: how is our wife???


Me: wife wo???


Banky: Titilayo of course


Me: forget the girl jare. She had married in the UK


Banky: so you guys did your wedding in the UK and you didn’t invite me? God dey o.


Me: no be so friend. Do you know that her parents and the guy’s parents had killed, dissected and spiced up the issue before I was aware of it and even it was her sister – in – law that I was living with made me to know what was going on. Infact…..but wait, how did you get my number?


Banky: you sent an SMS to me three weeks ago informing me of your change of number.


Me: (relaxes) ok. I remembered. So, is there anything for the man of God???


Banky: or is there any girl I can fcc^k in your church?


Me: o gabdun. Well, the person I could give you has left for Lagos.


We spoke for some minutes and I promised to visit him.


By 6.30pm I was already waiting for Mrs Adedokun in front of PurpleConnectTM in Cocoa Mall. I was amazed at the sea of faces walking pass the place and especially seeing Teens and young youths brooding over each other like lovers. I was brought out of the reverie by a touch on my shoulder. When I turned, I saw Mrs Adedokun


Mrs Adedokun: thanks for honouring my invitation

I kept quiet.


She then handed a package and a ticket to me and entered the cinema. Not quite long, I entered and when I checked the ticket number, I saw that it was right beside her I will be sitting. When I sat down, I discovered that the film they were about to show was………….. (your guess is as good as mine)


After the film, we walked through the alley and sat in one of the chairs in the Mall. After some minutes


Me: Mrs Adedokun, why are we here?


Mrs Adedokun: Mike, don’t you know that you are a murderer?


Me: murderer??? As how???


Mrs Adedokun: your leaving our house is like a part of me left with you.


Me: how is that possible?


Mrs Adedokun: I no longer enjoy my husband like before.


Me: who sai???


Mrs Adedokun: infact, there was a day we were having s**x and I was mentioning your

name. if not for the fact that my husband bears Michael, that’s how he would have caught me.


Me:  who sai??? Who cares???


Mrs Adedokun: Mike I knew the reason why you left is because of Titilayo. But even at that, we shouldn’t have stopped there…..


Me: (cuts in) after you’ve arranged for one britiko guy to marry her and telling her to lie to me that she wanted to do her masters over there.


Mrs Adedokun: (shocked) Mike, to be honest, I don’t believe what you are saying.


Me: I heard from a very strong and reliable source that you were the mastermind of the whole issue.


Mrs Adedokun: (emotional) so Mike, are you now saying that I was the one?


Me: yes. I was really pained that you could do such and……..

I was silenced by a familiar voice that was coming from the rear. I discovered that SP and his family were coming towards our direction. We quickly re – adjusted ourselves and we switched our discussion other issues. When he came near, we greeted each other.


SP: What are you two doing here?


Mrs Adedokun: I was equally surprised that I saw him here too. I came to pick some things at Shoprite and I saw him sitting here that’s why I decided to join him for some minutes.


Me: I came to see a friend that works at Spectranet© Shop to make enquiries for the data modem I want to buy from them. I was even surprised to see Mrs Adedokun inside PurpleConnectTM. (I lied)


SP: ok. no wahala. Mrs Adedokun, I forgot to ask in the morning; how are the kids?


Mrs Adedokun: they are fine. They are now in Landmark University Secondary School in Omu – Aran.


SP: oh oh oh oh. That university owned by Oyedepo?


Mrs Adedokun: yes sir.


SP: OK… that’s good. I just came to get some things with my family and we were going to where we parked the car. Try to take care of yourselves. (turning to me) I am giving you half day off tomorrow. But if there is no urgent work to do, you can stay the whole day. BUT, ensure your phone is ON.


Me: ok sir. thank you sir.


I helped the Senior Pastor pick his bags to his car. As soon as I returned to the seat, I saw

Mrs Adedokun already up on her feet.


Mrs Adedokun: let’s go home.


Me: my place or yours?


Mrs Adedokun: Wherever you say Mike.


Me: I’m very sorry ma. I will not come to your house again


Mrs Adedokun: and who told you that you will be coming to Ile – tuntun???  Let’s go


She pulled my arm and we went downstairs. We picked up some food items at Shoprite and we went to her car. I offered to drive the car and when we entered the car

Mrs Adedokun: we are going to Akobo


When we got to Akobo (along Alao Akala Estate) I was wowed to the amazing structures in that area. She directed me to a bungalow which we drove to. She stepped down and opened the gate while I drove in. she entered and locked the gate.


Me: (stepping out of the car) Mrs Adedokun, is this Daddy Segun’s house?


Mrs Adedokun: no. it is my personal house.


I was stunned because the house was big, with two gates and I observed that there was a mid-fence demarcating the building. We unpacked and entered the building. As soon as we entered, I pulled her to myself and I kissed her. She was surprised but she responded back. We kissed each other as if we were being starved of s3x. she pulled me to the room and we undressed then we went to the bathroom and switched on the shower. We were kissing and sm^^ching each other under the shower. Without warning she went for my c^ck and started stroking it. A light moan escaped from my mouth and when she got the cue, she rested one of her feet on the WC and I entered her GLORYHOLE. We ffccuked in that position for some minutes when we disengaged and she rested her back on the bathroom wall and raised the same leg up and I entered her. I ffcukked her mercilessly and her sounds were gingering my speed. After a while, she went on fours and I entered her from behind. I fcuked her brains out and she was moaning heavily. I observed that the wall of her c*nt contracted and she gave a shrill sound. Not long after I was feeling I wanted to erupt. I removed my c*ck, switched off the shower and sat on the WC to catch my breath. She came to meet me where I was seated and wanted to straddle me but I refused. After like a minute, I beckoned on her and she came to straddle me. We fcuked in that position for some minutes and I felt her c*nt was contracting again…this time I was about to cum. We speed up the process and we both came together exhausted.


After resting in the bedroom for about 10 minutes she curled up to me


Mrs Adedokun: Accountant, you want to kill me.


Me: did you see knife or anything in my hands???


Mrs Adedokun: I have not climaxed that way in a long time.


I kept quiet.


Mrs Adedokun: Mike you are not talking


Me: hmmmm. You really offended me.


Mrs Adedokun: it is not what you think it is


Me: what do you think it is? Chi – Chi


Mrs Adedokun: do you know that my “supporting you” to marry Titilayo had almost caused a rift between my in – laws and i


Me: ok… tell me what happened???


Mrs Adedokun: do you remember that day you said you were going to Ilorin, I actually called Titilayo and informed her. What I didn’t know was that her mum was beside her and her mum now took the phone from her and told me categorically that Titilayo has gotten a suitor in the UK. I tried explaining things to her but she was adamant that the guy is the son of their Club President and she is also vying for the post too because it is a single term of 5 years


Me: but what Ifeoma told me when I was at your place is quite different from what you are saying


Mrs Adedokun: what did she tell you?


Me: Ifeoma said that “It was because his dad got a contract through her dad and they want to use the marriage to seal the friendship between themselves


Mrs Adedokun: it is really true and when her dad too faced some challenges, the guy’s dad too came to the rescue.


Me: hmmm.


Mrs Adedokun: but hope you have forgiven me?


Me: hmmm.


Mrs Adedokun: what’s hmmm?


Instead of answering her, I went to her b^^bs and started sucking it like a four month old baby. A soft moan escaped her mouth and she was rubbing her hands on my head. After some minutes


Mrs Adedokun: Mike I am starving.


We had s3x about 4 times before I returned back home. When I got home, I saw a message from Blessing “Mike, God has done it ooo. I am three months gone” I was very happy for her.

When I got to the office the following day, I was summoned by the SP


SP: Mike, I have met with the Church Authorities and we have decided to employ another Accountant in the Church. The new person is being recommended by the Pastor of ZOCA Church at Amuloko. So you will have to prepare your hand – over note. But the good news is, you are being transferred to our new church at Minna as the State Accountant.


Me: hmmm. Thank you sir. (I prostrated)


SP: Though your accommodation will be catered for by the church.


Me: Alright sir. Thank you sir, for the opportunity to work with you sir.


I tidied my desk and handed over to the new Accountant. I realized that he also had worked with a Church before…..


I informed Mrs Adedokun and we had testimonial sex all through that evening. When I was going in the following morning, she gave me a cheque worth four hundred and fifty thousand naira.




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