host: SHARON

Host: seems you have a lot going on for you and that includes music. So tell us a little about yourself?

Guest: yea.. well my name is mustang, reside somewhere in zaria and am a music producer same time an artist and song writer.

Host: wooh nice…where do you base currently?

Guest: well, am currently serving in Zamfara state, gusau to be precise, but I base in Zaria

Host: wow… a corper… cool, so what do you enjoy doing besides music?

Guest: hmmm… reading

Host: reading posters, newspapers, Magazines, books, which?

Guest: smiles now that’s funny, yea sure it is

Host: so what tribe are you?

Guest: Fulani

Host: oh nice, so you have been in Zamfara for quit sometime, what catches your fancy there? The girls , food, water? Which

Guest: nothing yet o… still searching

Host: searching for?

Guest: what to catch my fancy…

Host: ok. Mustang is that your real name?

Guest: that’s my secondary name

Host: ok can you tell your name in full?

Guest: Musa Andrew

Host: you are Fulani and Christian is that correct?

Guest: yea

Host: are you married or about to marry?

Guest: am not doing any for now?

Host: what is the craziest thing you have ever done and also the coolest thing?

Guest: the craziest thing I have ever done was the day I decided to get high and write a test. And the coolest was the day I dropped my EP.

Host: smiles funny, what’s EP?

Guest: Extended play… is like an album but not really an album

Host: ok, so you being in the music industry, who is mustang going to be in 5 years?

Guest: hmmm… in 5yearsi will be a boss of my own, managing my own brand

Host: have you got any fears?

Guest: wow, yea. sure, growing up is never easy when you have billionaire’s intentions of course.

Host: so, what inspires you what drive you?

Guest: the good book and poetry

Host: hmm… smiles

Guest: yea

Host: it was nice having you for this interview on COFFEE … sorry I didn’t offer you a cup… smiles

Guest: lol no problem

Host: alright I would like to have a picture of you

Guest: ok


Host: cool thank you

Guest: you are welcome, peace

HOST: ok good people of Nigeria, this brings us to the end of today’s interview with MUSTANG on COFFEE …. catch us same time next week Saturday… for more fresh and hot interview with lovely persons… if you want to be on coffee contact or send me a whasapp massage showing your interest on the contact below> 07034969840


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