You’re in a goddamn bubble, burst out! There’s a whole world out there, go and explore it. Published: 12.04.2017 Fu’ad Lawal


You’ve heard everything. You’ve been told to stick to the program:

Stay in class, when you stay in class, you pass. When you pass, you graduate. When you graduate, you’ll get a job. When you get a job, you’ll go back there everyday and everything will be alright.

This is not great advice.

Now, staying in class is good. Passing is good. Graduating is good. But the question is, what if there isn’t much waiting for you outside. What if no one is going to give you anything because you think you’ve earned it?

School conditions us to think in a certain way, to speak in a certain way. But what if our suits aren’t cut to that size? What if all this does is shut us out from the outside world? Let’s face it;

School is a bubble. You think you can see the outside world from inside, but you can’t. If you must feel the outside world and think like the outside world, then you must burst that bubble.

You must learn to think outside of the school conditioning.

Before I started writing this, I was speaking with one my colleagues. I asked him what he wishes he had done while he was in school?

He didn’t have much to say. He was easily one of the brightest students in his class. It’s pretty obvious with how well he does his job.

Although there was one thing he said. When he was in University, he used to work as a caddy.

Players are allowed to use their own caddies now, but they have to wear the Augusta uniform — green hat, white jumpsuit. play Players are allowed to use their own caddies now, but they have to wear the Augusta uniform — green hat, white jumpsuit.

(Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Very few people understand the game of Golf as well as Caddies. Over time, he had to stop because he wanted to spend more time with school work. Now, that’s a good thing right? But he believes now that it was something he shouldn’t have abandoned.

People he used to play with have advanced better in the game and have started participating in tournaments.

You see, maybe you also need a life besides school work too. Something that you believe you can also carry with you when you’re done with school.

Maybe you should also hone that side skill, or run that small business as long, as long as these things don’t disturb school immensely.

You’ll be better off for it.


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