These Youth obeyed the clarion call
But this call became the Davidic shot that makes the giant fall
They came but never conquered what they saw
The Life became a death race, the race that take away their lives and give their parents an eternal sore

They say this adventure is for one love in unity, an opportunity to explore
They explored the ore and died in the Tour
They were tripping when the Devil was traveling
Indeed, NYSC opens the gate of Hell to let the Devil in

Highways to the place of deployment became a highway to the grave
Queen NYSC, their hustles you took and grave you gave
It has become a rightful rite that there must be some sacrificial corp members at every single mobilization
The Government is greedy and Death is hungry, only these Corpers bloods can fufil the hungry wish by taking a star out of their starvation

Life ain’t fair and Death isn’t free
Nothing is favourable, even the so called _Allawee_ don’t Allow We
We are National slaves enslaved in a Federal Prison to serve the State in Local parastatals
But the Were Wolf keep striking the flock and now the sheep has Para-Scattered

” _Youth obey the clarion call_”,
Now the call is causing Us to fall
Apparently we tried,
We used to be strong but now we’re getting weak to lift our Nation high
We wane in pain,
Under the Sun and in the rain
Ourselves are selfless, selfless without selfishness
That’s why We serve with dedication and selflessness
Nigeria’s Ours, Nigeria We serve
It’s a pain in the ass and in pains We serve

Is this a National service or a fire drill?
Not only death but sometimes Life kills
This is a civilian rule but much more as a military decree
After acquiring diplomas and degrees; Are we meant to lose our lives? But this is to what diplomatic degree?

These Youth obeyed the Clarion call
Indeed They all came but not all conquered what they saw
These words are poured in other to express the sore
Verily, Is this a Clarion call or a Heavenly call?

_This piece is dedicated to every Nigerian corp members that have died in the process of Serving their fatherland_

Extracted from the unreleased epistolary series
( _AnOpenLetterToAClosedHeart_)

Ayomide d’great

– See more at: http://zmcorps.blogspot.com.ng/2017/02/a-clarion-call-or-heavenly-call.html#sthash.PFq8CHUz.dpuf


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