Lisa Mache- The EbonyLife Tv Presenter with an Air of Wonder

Dubbed the “Serious One” on the Moments Z set, Lisa is one of an array of young and super talented Presenters on the Nigerian TV scene, and frankly speaking, it is not difficult to see why the 23-year old is gradually weaving her way to the front of the pack.

With her even and modulated voice, a graceful and direct personality that aptly calls to mind those formative years of America’s Model and TV Host, Tyra Banks; a presence almost completely synonymous with laughter and truth, with those raw discussions that many shy away from, sandwiched between. These are some of the few things contributing in forging this lady into a true presenter of the modern era.

Lisa Mache is a graduate of Geophysics from the renowned Covenant University, Nigeria. Although she has literally spent all her life in Lagos, the lady with the infectious smile is actually a native of Enugu State.

For Lisa- like many young Africans- uncertainty was quite a nightmare and that owes no less to the fact that she had gone through school studying for what she thought to be lucrative rather than what she was penchant about. With that came the fear of the unknown; the typical millennial concern of wanting to be certain and sure lest they leave their comfort zone, journey far into the horizon only to then realise they are still at the shore.

“I went to school not really reading what I wanted. I wanted to go into the oil industry and all of that just because it pays well. But then, while in school I discovered that wasn’t what I liked at all. It then happened that I picked up different passions and dreams along the way.”

Those passions and dreams went from wanting to be a Lawyer, to wanting to be an Interior Decorator, to being greatly inspired by the life and writings of Walt Disney and wanting to have her own Disney Park.

“But in 2015- 2016, I became sure of what I wanted and along that line communication happened for me, and I thought: how have I even missed this my whole life!”

Upon falling in love with communication, Lisa took to vlogging; operating her own YouTube channel where she literally bares herself or give opinion on trending issues. (Watch here)

Few weeks after starting the vlog, she was secured a job in an oil company in Lagos, something her former self would have openly grabbed, but at this point, a new her didn’t think twice before flatly turning the opportunity down.

“I had just rounded up with NYSC then and I had just read The Alchemist by Brazilian Author, Paulo Coelho.

“My dad had secured me a job in an oil firm and I was to resume the following Monday. But I know this wasn’t what I wanted anymore.

“At this point my mind was just in this place where I was thinking how life is full of so many secrets and so many wonders and how you don’t even know where your journey is but everything is leading up to something, but don’t even worry because wherever you are is the right path. And for me, I felt communication was it

“Prior to that time (of reading The Alchemist), I was very worried about so many things; like was I going to get a job, was anyone going to hire me; I don’t have experience in Radio… I mean, I studied Geophysics so there was nothing pertaining to radio on my CV!

“But after I read that book, I realised that every step of the journey is a part of the journey and nothing is wasted. That period became a defining time for me. So when I started vlogging- which was basically me enjoying myself talk about my little life experiences- it became very easy to connect with the woman within, and EbonyLife came soon after that”

The EbonyLife experience is still relatively fresh for Lisa, but even then, it’s quite easy to spot that TV has become a natural habitat for her talent, affirmed in no lesser degree than by the seamless partnership formed with co-hosts, Amanda Afolabi and Pelumi Shittu; the two with whom she won the competition that landed her the job.

“Someone recently said to me that we [Pelumi, Amanda and herself] must be having a great time away from set because we look all synergised on it. We are actually quite close and we talk pretty much, but what I always tell people is this. Our conversations don’t have to be deep for it to be real. We all just really and genuinely love each other and there is no bad blood or competition amongst us for anything, nah! Far from it. And it’s not even just the three of us. There is actually Foluke, Kemi, Tosan,…so I guess that [closeness] has come on good in helping us do what we do.”

No doubt it has.

TV now appears like the place destined for Lisa (although getting up close you would agree she would make a great model as well), but we thought to ask:

What would Lisa be doing if she wasn’t a Presenter or a Geophysicist working with an oil firm?

“Hmm…I’ve never really given that a deep thought. Hahaha…”

“I would probably be a Poet. Yea; a Writer (laughs).”

“I actually do enjoy writing but mostly journaling, putting down my secrets and all my boring drama..hahaha. But I think I definitely would like to write cinema.

“I told you of my love for Oprah Winfrey- who is one major reason why I am doing what I am doing now.

“You know, I haven’t seen anything that she has written just about her life, her journey and struggles,,…apart from maybe articles and things like that. But I really do want something wholesome! So I feel, when I get to a certain level in my career, I may want to put something down.”

Putting something down could well come in the shape of Modelland; the 2011 career-inspired novel by Tyra Banks.

These two obviously share no little a comparison except that one chose to have a gap tooth and the other sought to get a revenge by becoming a model at 15.

Anyways, they’ve now found intersection with TV hosting and someday, writing.

Who knows, Lisa may well travel that doppelganger path and write a life-inspired novel too.

And maybe she would like to call that “Tv-land” 


Catch Lisa every Wednesday on EbonyLife TV. 8PM, Channel 165 on DSTV
Twitter: lisa_mache
Instagram: lisamache

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