NYSC member who died in ghastly accident ‘had a heart of gold’

  • He was also described as a great pal by his friend.
Damilola was a graduate of Law from Lagos State University.

There hasn’t been anything short of unfathomable pain and anguish for the family and friends of Aderinmola Damilola, since news of his death filtered through on Wednesday.

Damilola died in an accident on his way to his Place of Primary Assignment in Jos, Plateau State.

He was said to have been involved in the ghastly auto crash while returning to Jos from Abuja where he had gone to write his ICSAN exam.

‘This is so sad, a youth cut off in his prime. A purposeful and visionary young man lost to the cold hands of death,’ Taiwo, a friend and former colleague of the deceased at the Lagos State University Faculty of Law, told Newsroom Nigeria on Friday.

Damilola on signing out day.

Damilola was the president of the LASU LAW Society 2013/2014 session. He was called to bar in 2016.

‘Rinmola was a wonderful colleague, a Christian brother and a great pal. We respect the life that he led, we emulate the principles that he held dear and we appreciate destiny for making such a great guy cross our path,’ Taiwo further said.

Damilola’s family residence in Ikorodu, according to the friend, has been overwhelmed by uncontrollable wailing as the family prepared to lay his remains to rest today.

‘I’m so pained, I can’t stop crying,’ Aderinmola’s friend said to us amid sobs. ‘He had a heart of gold and was very popular and loved by many.’


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