140 Nigerian students get $6m scholarship to study in the US, says envoy


Aruna Amirthanayagam deputy chief of mission, US embassy, says 140 Nigerian students have received scholarships worth more than $6 million from different schools in the US in 2017.

Amirthanayagam made this known at the pre-departure orientation for the students organised by the embassy in Abuja.

The envoy said that the students were awarded full and partial scholarships.

“Today we celebrate the more than 140 young men and women, members of EducationUSA, who have received offers of admission and scholarships to attend US colleges and universities.

“The list of acceptances is quite impressive including more than 560 schools in all; among them are Boston University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Vanderbilt University, to name a few.

“To support these Nigerian scholars, this year EducationUSA members received more than six million dollars in scholarships from these institutions.”

The envoy said some of the students got multiple offers from different schools which left them with choices to make.

He also said that the objectives of the scholarships were mutually beneficial to both countries and the opportunity would help groom the next generation of leaders in Nigeria.

“The US offers some of the best educational institutions in the world and I believe that students going to study would benefit tremendously and so will the US.”

He further said that more than 10,600 Nigerian students were currently studying in more than 980 colleges and universities, according to the latest open doors report of the institute of international education.

He said that the figure was a 12 per cent increase from 2016 and it also contributed to a five per cent increase for all of Africa.

“Nigeria continues to be the undisputed leader in Africa, sending more international students to the United States than any other country on the continent, ranking number 14 among countries worldwide.”

The envoy further explained that EducationUSA advising provided clear and authoritative information on U.S. undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate academic programmes.

He said the embassy had advising centres in Abuja and Lagos which also assisted “high-achieving, low-income students” to apply to schools in the US that would offer them admission with full scholarships.

“This Opportunity Funds programme removes the financial barrier to U.S. study for some of Nigeria’s most talented students.”

Malate-Ann Atajiri, an education adviser, explained that the programme sought out and assisted academically excellent students to get full scholarships from schools in the US.

Atajiri said that 12 students benefited from the programme in 2016 and 17 students benefited in 2017.

“Some of those things we have done is we seek out those students, we work closely with them, we pay for all the costs that come along with applying to schools in the US.

“Last year, we were able to send about 12 of such students to the U.S. and this year we are sending 17 students; 11 undergraduate and six graduate students coming from different schools in the country.

“One thing that all the students have in common is that they are academically talented; on average the undergraduate students that we work with have seven As in WAEC and graduate students are all first class and have published works in international publications.”

Atajiri said that about $60,000 was the total funds spent by the embassy in 2017 for the 17 students of the opportunity funds programme.

She also added that the total scholarships awarded by different schools in the US to these students was more than 1.5 million dollars.

“Besides the monetary value, one thing that the Opportunity Funds programme strives to do is to develop those ethos of giving back; we are making an investment in the lives of individuals and our hope is that they will think of ways to impact other people’s lives,” she said.

Folashade Adebayo, EducationUSA advising supervisor, explained that the students who benefited from the opportunity funds programme were still part of the 140 students who were awarded scholarships by different schools in the US.

Adebayo also said that the embassy reached out to students through schools, visiting NYSC camps and through adverts on their website.

She said that 1,500 applications had already been received for 2018.

Celebrity Throwback!! Who is the Cutest Ft Wizkid, Korede Bello, Davido, Flavour, Tekno, Olamide etc

Celebrity Throwback!! Who is the Cutest Ft Wizkid, Korede Bello, Davido, Flavour, Tekno, Olamide etc. As we all know that some of the celebrities we see today are extremely handsome and beautiful. But the question that runs on average Nigerian mind is : Are these people really as cute as they look before Fame? .

Here is a celebrity throwback. After watching this video, you will agree with me that nobody is ugly but only your environment makes you look ugly.

Celebrity Throwback!! Who is the Cutest Ft Wizkid, Korede Bello, Davido, Flavour, Tekno, Olamide etc

Would you rather SMASH Wizkid or Davido ????? Miami Beach

The challenge is between the two African superstars. we just wanted to see which of the two girls would like to smash. This video was filmed in Miami beach spring of 2017. I hope you like the video if you have any concern about the video like me and please. feel free to subscribe or leave any comment below.

Davido replies Wizkid after he called him a “Local Champion”

WIzkid Daivdo

Again, Davido has reacted, or instead replied Starboy, Wizkid after the latter called him a local champion, and of course cautioned the former to stop hating.

Recall it all started when Wizkid announced he’d be dropping his EP any moment from now, and Davido shaded the singer.. Wizkid was quick to subtly reply Davido. IN a series of tweet the starboy wrote:

U can’t hate on someone doing better than u in what u failed at! Learn and appreciate! Free ur mind from hate young kids

The game is only for the real! Catch up or stay local! Don’t blame anybody for ur failures! Pray and work hard kids!
And remember kids! Drink more water!!

Davido has now replied him yet again, the singer shared a video from a party, in Cannes, France where he performed, and then captioned it:

“Local Champion……….. I love it! Congrats to the beautiful couple. The Groom is Nigeria Right! Wankolo No dey game!”


If Local is paying, Davido wants to be local.

Secondary school girl caught showing her boyfriend her Breast in the Classroom(pix)

Imagine the kind Beating this Girl will get if you happen to be the parent and they bring this picture home to you.


The Person who send this Pics to Me actually explained that the Pics was Snapped when She was showing off her Breast to her Boyfriend while they were both in the Class.
In your own candid opinion, Why do you think she is Showing off her Bo*bs?

what people do for money

nude black(1)

A black woman has been filmed dancing n*ked in a public place and in front of many white people for some cash.

The n*ked black woman was dancing in what seemed to be a public gathering. Her breasts and pubic area were covered with money as she shook her body for all to see.

A video of the incident (which we cannot display here) has since gone viral for all the wrong reasons with many people calling out black women for choosing to reduce themselves to s*x objects.

In the video, the woman can be seen at an outdoor diner, dancing, while people handed money to her.

After she had collected enough, she took it to the streets.

What is even more surprising is that the people around were seen smiling and cheering her on. No one seemed to think it unusual.


NNPC/Shell Cup: MVP to get UK Varsity’s scholarship

Image result for Shell Cup: Borno school qualifies for final, gets scholarshipThe two best players of this year’s All Nigeria Secondary School Football Championship will get scholarships from the Feyenoord Football Academy and the University of Sussex in England.

University of Sussex have joined the Feyenoord Academy and organisers of the Nigeria school football tournament to help young people combine sports and education.

Four schools from across the country converge on Lagos this weekend for the finale of the tournament popularly known as the Shell Cup.

Despite the threat of Boko Haram in the North- East, Government secondary School Lamisula, Maiduguri have reached the finals.

They join Henson Demonstration School Benin, Sambo Secondary School Gusau and Holy Ghost College Owerri for semi final and final which hold on the 2nd and 4th of July.